Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Shopping for a gown or dress has always been an exciting thing to look forward to, what more when it comes to your wedding dress. Whether you have picked your best choice or you already have a final design in mind, anything can still happen until you have not bought one. 

If you are still looking for your perfect wedding gown, we made an ultimate guide for you. Here are the things that you should consider when choosing your wedding dress. 

Step 1: Research, Research, Research

To find the best wedding gown, the first thing that you need to do is research, research, and research. Update your Pinterest board as much as you want and list all the bridal shops that you find online and group them according to location so that it’s easier to visit each store. 

Aside from doing online research, ask your friends, family, and especially your mother for suggestions. She might know some best bridal stores in New Jersey where you can buy your wedding gown. When doing research, consider all available options before arriving and making a final decision. 

Step 2: Decide on How to Shop

Online shopping is only one of the many options you have when choosing your wedding dress. You can visit bridal salons to personally see the gowns and fit it right away or you can join trunk shows which is a good way to catch promotions like 20 percent off on designer gowns. 

Sample sales are also must-go-to events for brides. The gowns are largely discounted and you could save up to 90% off the retail price. However, expect that the gowns to be displayed are sample sizes, final sales, and there will be no dressing room for you to fit. So bring your friends to help you fit the gowns. 

Step 3: Schedule a Fitting Appointment

Once you have finalized your list of the bridal shops, set a schedule to visit them and commit to that date. Make sure to block a day or two in your calendar for fitting appointments because it helps you have a clear mind when choosing your gown.

It lets you focus on every detail that you need to look into and ask important questions. While doing a fitting, do not forget to bring a list of things that you need and want to ask the designer. Use them as a guide to know which dress is better or best according to your preference.

Step 4: List Your Needed Wedding Accessories

Aside from choosing your gown, you also have to list the wedding accessories needed to complete your wedding look. Whether you prefer a simple or an intricate design of your gown, wedding accessories can help in achieving the perfect look on your wedding day. Some of the accessories that you will need are the following:

Hair accessories

How you style your hair affects your overall look, that is why it is important to have some hair accessories. You can choose from a lot of options. It’s either you go with a veil, elegant hairpins, vintage-inspired crystal combs, headbands, or flower crowns. It all depends on how you style your hair as long as it fits your overall look and theme. 

Bridal Jewelry

Aside from your engagement ring and wedding band, you can also wear a necklace or earrings. But of course, it all depends on your wedding dress. For example, you can wear a necklace if you have a strapless neckline to or you can also wear earrings if you tie up your hair. The best advice we can give however is to not go overboard with jewelry, one or two is enough. 


It is important to choose an undergarment that fits your gown. You can ask your designer for any recommendations so you can have it added on your gown if needed. Also do not forget to bring your undergarments when fitting your gown so that you can check if it fits well or you might need to buy a new one. 


If you are wearing a simple, plain, white wedding dress, you can add some elegant touch to it by wearing a sash. Not only that it emphasizes you but it also infuses your style into your wedding day. You can choose from crystal-adorned glam sashes to nature-inspired ones depending on your choice of style and the design of your gown.

Wedding Shoes

Of course, you cannot forget your wedding shoes. Choose one that you are comfortable with and the heels must not be too high. Remember that you will be walking a lot on your wedding day so your shoes must be comfortable to avoid stumbling and other possible incidents. 


Step 5: Glam-up on Your Fitting Appointment

Call your stylist and ask her to glam you up on your fitting appointment. As much as possible, go with the look that you are aiming for on your wedding day. It is easier to envision what design you want to have for your wedding dress if you fit it with the exact look that you are aiming at your wedding day. It also helps you determine what adjustments are needed to be done and what accessories will fit your wedding dress.

There you have it, the ultimate guide to choosing your perfect wedding dress. Do not forget other important points like making a list of questions to ask the bridal shops. You also have to contact your bridesmaids and mother to go with you on your fitting day so there is someone who can give their honest opinion on your choice of dresses and help you decide. 

Simply follow these guides and do not forget to enjoy shopping for your wedding gown because that is the most important thing. You can add other points you want that you think will help you choose your gown to save time and effort, especially when you do not have enough time to spare, and if you are too busy to do shopping for your wedding dress.

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