What I Learned From Wedding Dress Shopping as a Plus Size Bride

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The bridal industry is filled with options, but those options can dwindle when it involves a plus-size body. Alongside our sometimes overwhelmingly complicated relationships with our bodies, it can become daunting considering buying a wedding dress after you don't fall within the standard sample size parameters. But being plus size shouldn’t stop us from having the identical positive shopping experiences and having as many options as the other bride.

Before I got engaged, I had already spent months (fine, you got me, years) not-so-secretly pinning styles and styles to my multiple wedding gown Pinterest boards. We've all done it and it's nothing to be ashamed of! When it involves buying your perfect day outfit, I believe it's great to have already got any idea of the sort of pieces you wish. But what was apparent from all those years of pinning, was that I didn’t always see my body reflected within the images I saw.

As an ever-evolving plus-size garment industry grows, this could mean we also start to determine ourselves reflected and represented within the wedding industry too, because we exist. Sometimes that means being the thing you wish to determine, so with that in mind, I need to share a number of the information that helped me in the lead up to buying dresses and eventually finding the proper one.

Do a Research

This will save your day in looking for plus size wedding dresses. Make sure that you check these stores online on what they offer. Not every store will be a plus size friendly. Try to research cuts, styles, wedding dress shops, designers and materials to give yourself a better picture of what you want and what to expect. This will help you to determine which boutiques and designers you should visit. Don’t be afraid to give them a call or email ahead to find out what ranges and sizing they can offer to you as a plus size bride. Through this, you can save time and effort travelling to a shops that aren’t offering plus size dresses.

Create a Body Shame Free Zone

Be proud of yourself and don’t be ashamed of your body, we are unique in our own way. Commit to making this journey free from body bashing and actively engaging with positive languages and behaviours with your body. Encourage those who are with you to observe the same kind of behaviour when offering opinions and making suggestions about the things you try.

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Forget Sizing

When you focused on the numbers when trying on dresses, it is incredibly unhelpful because lots of bridal sizing runs small. If these numbers are stressing you out, ask your stylist to make measurements and ask them not to tell you what those measurements are, just let them find that dress for you. That way you can focus on how you feel in something. It is also highly suggested that you don’t buy wedding dresses you plan to slim into for your wedding day. Don’t add toxic diet culture ideals and pressure into something that is meant to be about celebrating the real you.

Make Social Media Work For You

Sometimes social media is a hindrance in wedding planning, but when it comes to having access to wide visual examples of other plus size bride it is pretty great and helpful. Try to make the wide sources in the social media platform to help you assist in your plus size wedding dresses needs. Follow and be inspired by other brides in their own body confidence journey.

Get Inventive

Try to look at other means in finding that wedding dress. You can find them at vintage and charity shops, specialist plus size boutiques, bespoke bridal designer that can create your vision from scratch, and consider plus size online retailers like Azaria Bridal who now have several curve and plus size bridal options. You could end up getting the dress in the places you least expect.

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"The One" Might Not Exist

Often we think we have to have this magical moment where the heavens parts and angels sing and you win the lottery in order to find the right bridal outfit, and that is just too much pressure. That's okay. In years to come, there may be dresses you end up loving more than your wedding dress and that's okay too. It's okay to release yourself from the idea that you, or your outfit, have to be perfect for your wedding day. Perfection doesn't exist and it's not the end goal for your special day.

Be Open-minded

Be open to changes even if you already have a fixed idea to the kind of dresses you wanted to wear on your wedding day. You might think you want to cover up certain areas of show some of them off, all options are valid, but explore as much variety of wedding dresses as possible.

It is important that you should set your priorities and intentions before venturing out in looking for that perfect wedding dress, because it is easy fixating on the wrong things. Set your intentions keep to mind the reasons you are on this journey in the first place.

Whatever you end up wearing, there is no doubt in my mind that you will be exceptional because even without the outfit, you already are!

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