Wedding Trends: The Best Wedding Themes in 2020

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Each year, people excitedly welcome new trends in fashion, parties, and even haircuts based on what’s in and not. To-be-married couples share the same excitement too as they get more and more creative in innovating old favorites to fit a more classy and modern look for their wedding. 

Some trends stay and new ones are added each year. This year, there are new trends that couples can look forward to. From simple themes to grandiose ones, we have listed different themes that will surely be a hit this 2020. If you are planning to get married this year, this list will give you an idea of what theme to have for your wedding. 


Couples are so into a retro wedding theme that it remains a trend to this time. From the decorations, linens, lightings, and even the cake, everything is in retro palettes. Couples usually ask their coordinators and wedding planner to combine vintage and country decor with nudie and leather details to achieve a retro feel in their venue. 

Some couples also ask their guests to dress in their best retro styles to fit in the theme. You can even have your giveaways in a retro-style like giving out vinyl styled items or small jars filled with old-style candies. 

Green Vibe

Don’t you just like it when everything in your surrounding looks refreshing and fresh? Green vibes wedding theme is on the rise this year as couples go for a refreshing celebration with the green vibe that resonates with nature. The tables, chairs, and even the buffet are all decorated with green palettes. You can also add a few shades of blue to make the vibe more refreshing.

Boho Chic 

This theme is always on our list for wedding themes every year. For brides who love boho styles and want to add elegance to a simple setup, this theme is perfect for you. Boho chic is all about natural elements combined together to create a little less like Southwest-inspired and more city-inspired feel to your wedding. 

You can put dream catchers, wildflowers, boho rugs, and fairy lights when decorating your venue. Of course, you should not miss the Boho Chic palette to either complement or make a bold statement for your designs to make it stand out among the rest.


If you are more of an offbeat couple who wants to stick to the normal route, this theme will best suit you. You can go with a cool and moody palette that matches your style better than a bright floral wedding theme. Be creative as you want as this theme is more of free expression on how you want your wedding to look like while sticking to the normal route.


Morrocan-themed weddings never get out of style. Until this time, it is still a trending theme that every couple loves to try for their wedding. You can be a maximalist or a minimalist with Moroccan themes which makes it stunning. Moroccan style is known for its rich textiles, hanging decors, and details that resemble a desert feel. 

You can curate your Moroccan-themed wedding with a balance between electric fair and comfortable ease using metal lanterns, Moroccan rugs, pampas grass, pouf seating, and tassels. 


Mason jars, twine lace, string lights, and wood everywhere make a good combination to complete your rustic-themed wedding. This kind of theme is perfect for couples who love to do DIY wedding decors. If you are going to choose this theme, go for a more rural venue like a chic intimate barn or a small location in town to achieve this kind of theme. 


Southern Inspired

Can’t resist the charm and beauty of the South? This theme is perfect for you! You can have bites of comfort food and bourbon-infused cocktails for your guests while enjoying your wedding celebration. 

Show off your monogram, or walk down the aisle with your favorite pair of cowboy boots if allowed. Ask your wedding planner to decorate your venue with rich blues and pastel hues to achieve the components of a South-themed wedding. 


It is your first time hearing about tropulence? Don’t worry, you are not alone as many brides also hear it the first time. Tropulence means Tropical Opulence and it is one of the hottest wedding themes this 2020. It’s a combination of luxurious and lavish with a tropical twist. 

If you want to have a boho tropical theme but want it to be more elegant and grand, opulence theme takes it one step further with gold accents, lush florals, and luxurious texture. You can also opt for a sophisticated vibe with moody colors, breathtaking floral designs, and a laid-back Tulum feel to achieve a tropulence theme at its core. 

There are a lot of other themes that you can try depending on our preferences. What’s important is that it fits your budget and you are happy with whatever theme you want. You also have to consider your guests when choosing a theme, pick something that is not too difficult for them to look for. Lastly, choose a theme that will fit your venue so that you’ll know how much decorations you will need and how to design the whole place.

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