Unique Activities To Do When You Cancelled Your Wedding

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With the events that are happening around the world because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the wedding industry has been greatly affected. A lot of couples have downsized their wedding guest list to follow the strict quarantine protocols of their locality. Some have moved their wedding day to the later months of 2020. While others have decided to postpone or cancel their wedding. 

It is a difficult decision for every engaged couple to cancel their wedding as they have progressed a lot in their wedding planning activity. Some couples felt disappointed because of the amount of money spent, time, and effort has come to waste. The supposed “waiting game is over” is again extended without further notice. 


Many of you might feel blue because of what happened but don’t fret! You can organize alternative activities to celebrate your most awaited day. Here are some unique activities you can do when you cancel your wedding.

Explore Technology and Go Virtual!

The pandemic has taught people to make use of every available resource. The strict quarantine protocols have forced everybody to stay at home and create a huge social distance from each other. To be able to cope up with this, technology has greatly helped especially when it comes to communication and of course, push through celebrating canceled weddings. 

Schedule a Zoom Party with Your Friends and Family

Zoom has been the go-to video conferencing software when it comes to hosting large virtual celebrations. Make use of Zoom to virtually gather important people in your life to celebrate your wedding day. You can host a zoom party wherein you transform your living room into a dance floor and play party music while interacting with your guests. For more fun and interactive activity, you can have a zoom game night where you play virtual games. Prepare prizes to make your guest competitive and motivated. 

Use the Live Feature of Different Social Media Application

Most people have accounts on different social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you have different events to celebrate your upcoming wedding day, you can communicate with the people around you using these sites. 

Celebrating your wedding day won’t be difficult even though you are miles apart because you can use the live feature of these social media sites to update your social media connections. They can watch your wedding activities at home comfortably. The best catch about this is that it's free!

Have a Photoshoot

Regardless of whatever kind of celebration is done for your wedding, every moment should be documented and kept in photos (and videos too!). Dress up and wear your most favorite clothing for your wedding day. Feel good and look good as you have your virtual photoshoot using different photography software. 

There is no need to hire photographers for this one. You can just do it yourself (DIY). Choose parts of your house and decorate it for a good backdrop for your photos. Or you can go out and look for good parks near your neighborhood. Make sure to follow the quarantine protocols - wear your masks and observe social distancing with other people if you go out. 


Organize an Intimate Lunch or Dinner

Even though your wedding is canceled, you can still organize an intimate lunch or dinner. It is good to gather important people in your life such as your immediate family and your closest friends. You can even invite people who will have a significant role in your married life. 

This way you will be able to still celebrate the most important event of your life as a couple. You can eat while interacting with each other. Prepare mini-games and prizes for a more fun gathering. Below are some ideas you can host your intimate lunch or dinner.

Home Sweet Home

Having a meal at home is the best venue for hosting your intimate lunch or dinner. Set up your dining table with cutleries alongside with some ornaments such as flowers. For a more romantic feeling, make use of candles as your centerpiece. Serve home-cooked meals such as soups, steaks, and pies for a homey feeling. 

Backyard or Garden

If you have an extra lot at home or a backyard, it is a good venue to host your intimate lunch or dinner. It is a good way to experience an outdoor wedding venue even though your wedding is canceled. Make use of the landscape and adorn it with white ornamentations and a few lace draperies for a rustic vibe. Set up small tables with floor seating so that your guests can dine comfortably. Make use of lights such as lanterns for a warm and cozy feeling. 

Small Halls

Small halls in your favorite restaurant can also be an option. Transform the hall by decorating it with minimalist ornamentations such as flower arrangements. It is also a good idea to serve your favorite meals from the menu to your guests.

The pandemic has given a big change on the wedding plans of a lot of soon-to-be wedded couples. However, this should not hinder you to celebrate the most memorable day of your life. Be resourceful enough to use it to do different alternative activities for your supposed wedding day. The wonderful memories you create will be a good keepsake that can be passed to the next generation.


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