Ultimate Guide on Wedding Dress Shopping for 2020

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Due to the health concerns caused by COVID-19, bridal shops across the country were forced to temporarily shut down to avoid the spread of the virus. Months after they closed, many are now back to business but with strict protocols in place. As all businesses are trying to make the ends meet during this pandemic, bridal shops are also finding out new ways for brides to shop for their wedding essentials comfortably. 

To help brides navigate their wedding preparations during this pandemic, we made an ultimate guide on what to expect and do when visiting bridal shops. Here are the important things that brides should observe when going to bridal salons. 

Ask for the shop rules when setting an appointment

Usually, when you schedule an appointment in a bridal shop, all you need to do is ask the available date for your visit. However, these days, bridal salons already have rules in place in compliance with the state’s health protocols. So, when calling for an appointment, make sure to ask if the specific rules that you should be aware of. 

This is important so that you don’t have to waste your time going back and forth just because you forgot to wear your mask or bring a specific requirement that the bridal salon needs. 

Expect the unexpected

Shopping for a wedding dress is a totally different experience these days. Social distancing needs to be observed, and the number of customers allowed is going to be very limited to practice safety health measures. With that in mind, you should always be prepared to expect the unexpected. 

For example, there will be times where only one family member might be allowed to come with you when fitting gowns so you need to bring someone who can help you decide which one is the best option. Aside from that, your temperature might be checked before coming into the stores, so that is one thing that you should also be aware of. 

Research ahead of time

Aside from asking the bridal shops on their rules and guidelines when shopping for a wedding dress, it is also important to do your research. This will help you be prepared for whatever is the usual practice these days when going out. It is better to come prepared than get shocked and overwhelmed with all the new normal when you shop for your wedding gown. 

Researching the prices of the gowns will also help you set your budget. These days, there is a significant spike in prices because of the pandemic. So it is best to do research ahead of time if the wedding shops that you prefer are having price increases so that you can adjust your budget and be prepared when you are about to choose your gown. 

Bring one or two for your support system

Since going out with a lot of people is discouraged these days, we advise you to only bring one or two as your support system when shopping for your wedding dress. It could be your mother and best friend or anyone that you trust who can help you decide which gown to buy. Make sure to search ahead of time for the designs that you want so it will be easier and faster to choose when you shop.


Ask about delivery details

Compared to the normal delivery days, the pandemic has also affected the shipping timeline because of strict border policies. That is why it is important for brides and brides-to-be not to rely on the typical delivery days and ask the bridal shops when is the expected date to receive your wedding gown. 

Before you commit to buying one, make sure that the gown will arrive on time for your wedding day. Everything is uncertain these days so it is better to prepare and anticipate the possible problems so you can adjust accordingly. 

Wear a mask and bring hand sanitizer!

Most of the bridal shops do require the use of masks nowadays and sometimes they might not let you get inside the store if you are not wearing one. So make sure you always bring a face mask to avoid any inconvenience. Bring a hand sanitizer as well for additional safety precautions. 

Wedding dress shopping might be more of a hassle these days than the usual but do not let it stop you from looking for your dream gown. All the hardships will pay off in the end once you have found the right gown for you. Gown shopping in a new normal is not easy but the satisfaction that it brings is definitely more satisfying after going through a lot of hardships.

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