Ultimate Guide on How to Effectively Plan a Virtual Prom This Year

Ultimate Guide on How to Effectively Plan a Virtual Prom This Year

2020 is probably not the best year for all of us because of COVID-19.  A lot of important plans and significant milestones have been canceled, and prom is one of those. To practice maximum health precaution, you might just be stuck at home social distancing instead of slow dancing with your prom date.

But there is no reason to be sad because you can still have your prom. Yes, you heard it right, you can still have your most awaited slow dance and party with friends! Everything these days are celebrated virtually, from birthdays to weddings, and even graduation and now even your prom too! 

You can still have an epic virtual prom this year while adhering to health protocols. Enjoy collaborative planning with your colleagues to get everything ready. Gather your classmates and discuss these ultimate guidelines that we prepared on how you can effectively plan a fun virtual prom online instead of going to the banquet hall. Read on and list down the essential points.

Choose an Online Platform to Use

Your virtual prom will not be possible without an online platform. Gather your prom committee and decide what video chat application you are going to use for streaming your prom. Make sure that the platform allows multiple attendees because most online video tools do have limitations.

For a large scale event like prom, Instagram, and Facebook Live or Zoom are the best options to have since they do not set a limit for the number of attendees. Once you have chosen a platform, create an account, and send an invitation with the link to your classmates and colleagues once you are about to start the party.

Decide on a Theme

Prom is not complete without a theme. You could have decided on a theme for your prom before the quarantine, and you can still use that, or if you want to try something new and easier to organize, you can choose another one. Choose a comfortable theme since everyone is attending virtually from there homes. But of course, you can still be as elegant as you want. It all depends on your preferences.

Prepare a Programme

Compared to a normal prom, virtual prom can be chaotic without a program or flow of things to do. Prepare a short program to keep things organized. Ask your classmates to give some speeches and prepare some games where everyone can join and enjoy it if you are out of ideas on virtual games where a lot of people can participate, do some research and study the mechanics so you can explain it to your classmates.

Decorate your Room

Now that you have decided on a theme make your prom night more alive by decorating your room. Order decorations and have them delivered to your home so you can start creating designs. Of course, make sure to design according to your theme so that your classmates can feel the prom presence by looking at your background while live-streaming the prom. 

You can also order balloons or confetti and do some work arts and hang it on your wall. If doing the designs manually is too tiring for you, go for virtual backgrounds. There are a lot of beautiful options to choose from, and the best part is, there is no house decorating needed!

Dress Up

It is not a prom if you do not come in an elegant dress with full hair and makeup. So, prepare your supposed-to-wear dress and doll up yourself. If you do not have any idea how to do makeups, go to Youtube for help. There are a lot of makeup tutorials posted there, or you can ask your sister or mother to do it for you. 

Prepare a Playlist

Music makes the prom night an epic one! Create a collaborative playlist with your classmates on music apps and let them add their favorite songs so that you can just play it all night long throughout the party. You can also arrange your playlist according to the type of music so that the mood will not be too chaotic. Create a separate playlist for slow dance songs and another one for the party songs. 

Order your Food

You can never miss out on the food even on your virtual prom nights. Luckily, you are dining at home so you can create your own menu and have whatever food you want. If you do not know how to cook and no one can do it for you at home, you can also go with food deliveries. Youtube is also a good friend who can help you out with the meals. 

Prom is a special occasion, so you deserve a fancy dinner for one even when you are celebrating separately with your friends. Set a mealtime so that you can enjoy your food with your friends while talking to them on the screen. Dinner is the best time, so everyone eats together, just like a big eating show. 

Take Photos

Don’t worry if you cannot take photos with your friends on the red carpet in the prom venue. Get some still shots from your live streaming and enjoy some virtual selfies with your classmates. Create a digital album after and share it with everyone. Also, do not forget to record your whole celebration, so you have something to look back and enjoy watching while staying at home.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

Do not let the current situation discourage you from pushing your plans this year, especially your prom. Make use of this digital era and the advanced technologies to keep the celebrations, gatherings, and parties going. Feel the party vibe at the comfort of your own home and when everything is back to normal, go ahead and host an all-nighter prom party!

You never know, virtual prom might be just as enjoyable as the normal one. Enjoy every moment like this only once in a lifetime experience. Create memories with your friends, and never forget to have fun!

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