Ultimate Countdown Checklist for Your Dream Wedding

Ultimate Countdown Checklist for Your Dream Wedding

You finally said yes to the man of your dreams, and you are now one step closer to one of the most important events of your life— your wedding day! Congratulations! However, the thrill does not end there as it is only the beginning. Now starts the real roller coaster ride of excitement as you are about to start organizing your dream wedding.

Planning a wedding is like a battle where you should be prepared for all unexpected challenges. But you don't have to panic and worry because Azaria Bridal got you covered! We have come up with the most detailed and helpful wedding planning checklist for you. 

Every detail that you need to know from start to finish is covered on our guide. All you have to do is sit back and relax as we help you prepare everything for your dream wedding. Remember that there is no right or wrong timing in planning your wedding. You can always be flexible with our guide, depending on your preferences. 

Let us start the ultimate countdown checklist for your dream wedding.

12 Months Before your Dream Wedding

This is probably the most exciting yet the most crucial part of planning your wedding. It is where you make significant decisions, and this is also the time where everything will start to feel real. Hold on to your seat as we give you the needed checklist for this crucial time.

Setting a budget is crucial because you cannot start planning everything without knowing how much you are willing to spend on your wedding. There will be many things that you need to consider, and you would not want to empty your bank account for a one-day celebration. 

Do not sacrifice your dream house and car when you can still have a meaningful wedding celebration without breaking your savings. Talk to your partner and parents to discuss your budget thoroughly. Your parents can help you a lot with this since they have already gone through it before.

  • Choose a Venue

Most couples prefer to set date first before choosing the venue of their wedding. This is somehow impractical. We have seen many couples who adjusted the dates of their wedding because the venue they want cannot accommodate them. It is better to choose a venue first and book it on your preferred date.

  • Pick a Date

After choosing a venue, you can now pick a date you preferred for your wedding. It is better to announce a firm date to your family, friends, and loved ones than give them an unsure time and then change it afterward. That will only confuse them.

  • Choose Your Guest List

Do not get caught with the thought that you are obliged to include all your relatives and the friends of your parents on your special day. That is not how it should be. Pick those who are truly close to you and those you cherish the most. You cannot invite everyone anyways, so make your guest list count and memorable.

Would you not want to celebrate this important day with people you do not like, right? So, get a list of names of those you want to invite and send them an invitation either in a quirky or formal way. The important thing is, you let them know about your wedding day and that they should be present to witness you walk down the aisle.

  • Create a Wedding Board on Pinterest

Believe us or not, this will help you a lot in planning your wedding. There are a lot of options that you can choose from your wedding gown to reception design, up to the design of your cake. 

You will not be able to remember all of these, so it is better to keep all of these ideas in one place, and Pinterest is a good one. You can also look up for other exciting ideas there as it has a lot of beautiful wedding suggestions. 

There is no debate on this. Every couple should have their engagement ring ensured. You can do this by calling your insurance company, and on a side note, you can also ask them about wedding insurance packages while you're at it.

  • Create an Update Page

Giving an update to your family and friends about the details of your wedding will be easier if you use an update page. You can maximize any social media platform for this. By doing this, you can make sure that everyone is updated even to the smallest details about your wedding preparations.

  • Hire a Wedding Planner

This is not required, but if you wish to have someone do the heavy lifting for you, hire a trustworthy wedding planner. Check your budget first before hiring one to make sure you are not spending extra outside of your budget.

  • Search For Your Desired Wedding Gown

You don't have to buy a gown right away in the first month of planning your wedding, but searching this early will give you an advantage. There are a lot of bridal shops in NJ that you can check out for amazing bridal gowns. 

Some options in your local shops might not be to your liking, and something customized is more of your style. With that, you need a lot of ample time so as not to stress yourself out. 

Decide on the design that you want before buying one. Your wedding dress plays an important role in your wedding so better pick something that you are happy and confident to wear. 

Pro tip: Before buying a wedding gown in bridal stores in central NJ, do consider first your venue and theme. Specific gowns like princess-style ball gowns might be perfect for an indoor church wedding but not for a beach or garden setup. Choose according to your planned theme so that there's more feel to it than choosing random designs. 

  • Hire a Caterer, Photographer, and Videographer

These three are one of the most in-demand when it comes to weddings. That is why it is better to hire one as early as possible so that you can choose from the best options you have rather than have regrets later. 

Caterers can also help you choose the menu if you have not yet decided. The photographer and videographer can share professional tips on how to make your photos and videos look good, especially on your pre-nuptial shoot. 

Do not miss out on capturing the special moments you share with your loved ones during your wedding by hiring the best photographer and videographer. 

  • Choose Your Officiant

The first month of planning your wedding is all about hiring major things such as the officiant. If you are getting married in your church, it is easy to find one, but if you do not have any idea where to get an officiant, it will be difficult. 

Ask your parents or friends if they know anyone that you can reach out to. The important thing is you can find an officiant who is available on your wedding day.

  • Keep a Journal or Planner For Your Wedding Plans

With all the overwhelming details that you need to remember, it is best to jot everything down and scan it from time to time. Whether it is a draft or final plan, write it down so that you won't forget anything that you need and want to do.

11 Months Before your Dream Wedding

Now, you only have less than a year to plan out your wedding. You may have set the important things needed during the first month of planning, but during the 11th month, the countdown is yet to feel more real. Here are the things that you need to prepare for the second month of your 1-year wedding preparation countdown.

  • Decide on Your Theme

This is one of the first things that your family and friends will ask you about, as they are also excited to prepare their OOTD for your special day. Your theme is important because it sets the mood and overall feel of your wedding. 

Choose a concept that you think best suits your preference. Do you want it to be formal or a casual gathering? You can decide the theme with your partner so it won't be too bothersome for you to decide alone. 

  • Find a Florist

After choosing your theme, you can now find a florist and decide on the flowers you want to have. We all have our favorite flowers, and it's best if you have it during your wedding. However, always remember to stick on your budget. 

Flowers look beautiful, but too much of it may cause you to overspend so stick to your budget and only choose enough flowers to make the venue lively and aesthetically pleasing. 

  • Shoot Your Prenup Photos

This is probably one of the most exciting parts of wedding preparations. You get to do a photoshoot before you get married, so you have something to reminisce about in the future. With the help of your photographer and videographer, choose a theme for your prenup photoshoot; whether you want it to look elegant or simple, it all depends on you. 

The important thing is you will have fun while doing the shoot and add it to the memorable things that happened during your wedding preparations. 

  • Mail Save The Dates

You will have a lot of fun doing this because there are a lot of exciting ways on how to send mail informing your guests of the wedding date. Be creative and explore all means you want as long as it is within your budget.

You can either send an engagement photo card or give gifts to everyone. It depends on what you want as long as everyone can receive so they can prepare ahead of time and empty their schedule on your wedding day. 

Pro tip: Only send the save the dates to those you are sure you want to invite to your wedding. The rest can wait for their save the date mail until you can finalize the guest list. 

It is now the right time to buy the gown you wanted for your wedding day. You can go to the wedding dress shops in NJ that you visited before and buy the one that suits your taste. Buying your dress early will allow you to make needed adjustments if there is anything you want to change. 

There are instances that the changes will take time, so we recommend buying your dress as early as now. For customized gowns, it usually takes a long time before you can have it delivered to you, so it is important to order it ahead of time. 

You can also visit freehold mall dress stores where there are a lot of wonderful wedding dresses that you can choose from. Maybe you will find one that suits your preference and fits your theme. 

Also, brides want to look their best during their wedding so you can also start doing exercise to be fit and try a skincare routine or start growing your hair so you can do a variety of styles on your wedding day.

10 Months Before your Dream Wedding

When you're down to 10 months before your big day, you might think that you still have a lot of time left to prepare. That's not exactly true because there are still a lot of things left to do. 

Don't worry, though, we're still here to help you out. Here are the fun things that you need to put your focus on the 10th month of preparation.

  • Look For Hotel Options

It is wise to check out two to three hotels near the area of your wedding and secure several rooms for your guests. Doing this in advance gives you the guarantee that you can book a block of rooms on the same floor with your family and friends who are from out of town. This can also help your friends organize a bridal shower with a discount as it is usually included in hotel wedding packages.

Pro tip: You can always choose the hotel yourself and inform your guests, but it will be better to give them at least 2-3 options so that they can have a comparison. This is helpful to your guests so that they will know in advance how much to prepare in terms of room payments. 

  • Update Your Wedding Page

Now that you have looked for hotels and sent out save the date mails, update your wedding page so that your guests will be informed. You can post the list of hotels you have so that your guests can do their research and prepare ahead. 

  • Register For Gifts

You might think to do this on the 10th-month preparation is still too early but we are firm believers that getting this done in advance is more helpful than doing it later. Register at two or three different places so your loved ones can have a variety of options.

Pro tip: Be sure to register for items at every price point. It is better to give your guests an option if they cannot find anything on your registry that's within their budget. Register for things that cost between $5 and up to make sure there is little something for everyone to choose from.

  • Conceptualize Your Invitation

You won't be sending invitations this early but it is the best time to conceptualize it. Get samples from various websites and wedding companies then compare their prices. Ask for examples so you can see how the invitations look physically. The important thing is, you have a lot of options to choose from.

9 Months Before your Dream Wedding

Nine months is the magic number when having a baby and the same goes when planning a wedding. By this time, you only have nine months left to finish the planning stage. Fortunately, this is the month where you do the less stressful stuff.

  • Start Cake Shopping

There is no other time to do this but now. You already have the theme, concept, venue, and all other details of your wedding so go and find the perfect baker for your wedding cake. Enjoy cake tasting with your fiance and be amazed by the different sizes and designs in every bakery you'll go in.

Pro tip: If you are tight on a budget, you can skip the wedding cake. There are a lot of options for replacement such as cupcakes, a donut tower, or a chocolate fountain. Do not go over your budget and sacrifice other important things for your wedding cake. You can always be creative when planning for this.

  • Double-check Your Guest List

This is your big day so you would not want to miss inviting anyone close and special to you. Read through your guest list once again with your fiance and double-check if everyone you wish to be there on your special day is on the list. Also, practice telling your parents that there is no need to invite their coworkers from 1980. 

  • Start Planning Your Honeymoon

Planning your honeymoon is perhaps equally exciting as planning your wedding. Discuss with your fiance the budget, itinerary, where you should go, and how long you should have your honeymoon. You can draft dates when to have your honeymoon so that you can file a leave at work and arrange all the things needed in advance. 

Pro tip: Do not book an early flight the morning after your wedding. Either book a later flight or wait an extra day before you depart. Give yourself some time to enjoy a breakfast in bed with your fiance and have a small talk with your out of town friends before they head home.

8 Months Before your Dream Wedding

Planning a wedding is tiring, right? With 8 months left until the day you exchange vows with your husband-to-be, you can have some free time to relax and have some break. You don't have to do much this time. Enjoy a dinner with your family, go out with your friends, and do nothing wedding related. Relax and just have a thought about this pro tip.

Pro tip: Select a Plan B if you opt to have an outdoor wedding ceremony in case of inclement weather. This may not apply if both your ceremony and reception are indoors, but it might affect your day otherwise. Make sure to have an alternative plan on hand in case of unforeseen emergencies.

7 Months Before your Dream Wedding

Now that you have rested and gained back your energy, it's time to go back to planning. Here are the things that you need to do with 7 months left before your wedding. 

  • Book Transportation For The Wedding Party and Guests

You need to book your transportation to and from the venue for both you and the groom and your bridal parties most especially if the reception is not that near to the ceremony place. Include your guests when looking for transportation to make sure that all of them are still present in the reception. This is also to make sure that the waiting time is not too long for people to arrive before you start the program.

  • Finalize Your Bridal Party Attire

We recommend doing this when you are buying your wedding dress NJ but if you have not done this yet then this is the right time. Make sure all your bridal parties already have their measurements taken so as not to delay the creation of the attires.

  • Discuss Wedding Plans With Your Officiant

Aside from our guests, family, and friends, it is also important to discuss your wedding plans with your officiant. Let him know if you are getting married outdoors or if you want to keep the ceremony short to prevent guests from waiting too long and from sweating profusely. Inform your officiant about these details so he will know how to handle your ceremony. 

  • Reserve Your Wedding Rentals

Wedding rentals include everything from your table cloths to dishes, to chairs and other decors that you will need. But before renting, discuss with the venue first because sometimes it is already included in their packages so you can save some money.

6 Months Before your Dream Wedding

You are halfway the needed preparations for your dream wedding. Don't get tired just yet because things are gonna be exciting starting from here. This time, you have to do more of finalizing the details of the wedding.

Since you have done cake testing and you have chosen your baker, now is the time to finalize your cake design. List down all the details and give it to your bakers such as the size, the colors, the design, and the flavors. 

  • Start planning your wedding day over-all look

You can always be creative in how you want to look during your wedding day. Start saving photos of hair and makeup ideas so you can slowly visualize how you want to look like on your dream wedding. 

  • Finalize Your Guest List

Now is the time to finalize your guest list. There is no turning back. Since you have to finalize the number of invitations you need to order, you need to know the final count of your guests. To make sure you won't miss anyone, have at least 10 extra in case you decide to add some guests at the last minute. 

  • Order Wedding Invitations

Since you have finalized your guest list, you can now place an order for your wedding invitations. You will need a little time to let your printer send you a sample first and make changes from there. Make sure that you spot all adjustments you want to have the first time you receive the sample so that you don't have to go back and forth making changes.

Along with the invitations, you should also order the thank you cards. It is more efficient to order it together since they almost look the same or have similar designs. The important thing is you have it before your friends and family buy you wedding gifts.

Pro tip: Put order menu items on your RSVP cards if you are having a sit-down dinner. It will help you know what to order from the caterer when you get your final headcount.

  • Hire Musicians For The Ceremony

Your wedding coordinator can simply play random music while you walk down the aisle but it would be nice to have a band or someone serenade you live. They can play your personal choice of music to make the moment more romantic. Book a band or singer now to avoid conflict of schedule with other wedding ceremonies.

You already have a florist and you already picked which flower to use for the venue. Now it is time to look for ways on how you want the floral arrangements to look like. Figure out how your bouquet should look like as well as for your bridal party bouquets. Look for inspiration on the internet and save photos or videos that you can show to your florist.

5 Months Before your Dream Wedding

Things come quickly when you are excitedly planning for your wedding. Now you only have 5 months left to prepare and there are still a lot of things that need to be organized. So take a moment to breathe, relax, and realize that you're just around the corner from starting a new life and then get ready to get busy again.

  • Create a Playlist For Your DJ

Get ready to write down the most important songs you want to hear so your DJ knows what you are looking for. This includes the songs you want to be played for your first dance as husband and wife, the daughter and father dance, as well as the mother and son dance, and last but not the least, the music to be played during dinner and your exit. 

For example, you might want to have relaxing music while serving dinner over a dance party to keep people off the dance floor and enjoy their meal instead.

  • Start Taking Dance Lessons

If you want to wow your guests then now is the right time to take dance lessons and perfect your wedding dances. However, if you are more of a traditional bride who wants to take slow dances in circles then you can opt to skip this one. You can always decide and choose which is more convenient for you.

  • Create Rehearsal Dinner Guest List

Usually, the parents, the officiant, your friends, and family are the ones invited for the rehearsal dinner. But it is best to have a separate list for other guests, especially those who are coming from out of town to attend your wedding. You don't have to include a lot on your list. Just those who you want to spend more time with is enough. 

  • Book Rehearsal Dinner Venue and Discuss Details With The Officiant

Now that you have a guest list, it is time to look for the perfect place to have your rehearsal dinner. You can book your favorite restaurant or have it somewhere else with a bigger space to accommodate all of your guests. Once you have booked a place, discuss the rehearsal dinner details with your officiant. 

It is important to inform the officiant how you want the program to flow and long it should last. You need to inform the officiant about all the important details of your reception so that everything will go as planned. 

  • Pay for Your Wedding Cake

You have finalized every detail of your wedding cake. Now is the time to get over it and cross it in your to-do list. Pay for it and make last-minute changes so you can finally put your attention to other details needed for your wedding. 

  • Hire a Calligrapher

If you are planning to give out more than 20 invitations, we advise you to hire a calligrapher to do it because it will take a lot of your time if you do it personally. Let the pros handle it for you so that there is no need to worry about these small details. 

  • Gather Addresses of Your Guests

Aside from your family and friends, you must gather all addresses of your guests so you can send them the invitation. The calligrapher will not be able to start writing your invitations if you don't have the addresses yet. Gather your list and reach out to each one of them and ask their address. 

You can also reach out to them through your wedding update page so it will be easier to track who already responded and did not.

  • Choose Your Wedding Souvenir

Think about what you want to give to your guests as a thank you gesture for coming to your special day. You can give several small things but souvenirs that they can use and enjoy are more special. Bottles of wine or a to-go box with treats make great gift ideas. 

You can be creative as long as it is within your budget. 

  • Finalize Your Table Decor For The Reception

Talk with your vendor who will decorate your venue. Show them the pictures of your preferred design to give them ideas of how you want the venue to look like. If you prefer to decorate the venue yourself, you can use some DIY skills but if you prefer to leave it to the pros, now is the right time to do it. 

4 Months Before your Dream Wedding

You only have four months to go before your most awaited day! It seems like a lot of time but it is never as much as you think it is. Things are going to be more hectic from here. There will be a lot of challenging things to do compared to the previous months. So gear up for one of the most challenging yet exciting parts of the countdown.

  • Purchase the Wedding Bands

Most couples almost forget this part when planning for their wedding. This may be a small detail but it is important, so this is the right time to purchase it. Go to different shops and choose which band you prefer depending on your choices and have them fitted. Make sure to choose carefully so that you don't have to go back and forth making changes with your wedding bands.

Some bridal sets need to be custom ordered in advance that's why you need to do this earlier. Additionally, you will have to figure out how much time you need to have your wedding band and engagement ring sautered together before your big day. So make some adjustments if needed and calculate the days accurately to avoid delays. 

  • Schedule Dress Fittings

This is the right time to schedule dress fittings in a wedding dress boutique NJ to make all changes you need for your wedding gown. It may fit perfectly when you first got it but remember that you did some fitness exercise months ago so there might be a lot of changes in your body fit. Use this opportunity to adjust the length and size of your wedding dress as necessary. 

Pro tip: Schedule a dress fitting for your entourage and family members too. It can save a lot of time and worries knowing that all attires will be adjusted just in time before your wedding day.

  • Shop For Your Wedding Accessories

You might feel that there is still a lot of time left for you to prepare this but in reality, the clock is ticking and there is no other perfect time to buy your wedding accessories than now. Decide what jewelry, garter belt, and shoes you want to wear then go to different shops and choose what you like. It is always safe to have 2-3 options before finally deciding to buy one. 

  • Book Your Honeymoon

Now is the perfect time to book the hotel you have chosen months back for your honeymoon. Do not delay this any longer because the room you want might be booked by other couples so do it now to avoid missing any opportunities for your honeymoon.

This is also the perfect time to book any tours you want to join, car rentals, and other details that need to be settled. It is better to settle things as early as now because hotels get fully booked right away especially during peak seasons. 

Pro tip: Use your booking apps or the hotel's website to book your room. It will be easier that way than going there and personally book it yourself. You can also call the hotel ahead of time to check if the room you want is still available before paying. 

  • Meet Your Florist to Finalize Arrangements

Bring the pictures with you! Discuss with your florist how you want your bouquet and centerpieces to look like. Show her the designs you want to achieve and the flowers you want to use. It will help them know the overall feels of your flower arrangement. Let them know as well about the theme of the wedding and the color scheme you want so that they can adjust the designs accordingly.

  • Buy Additional Decorations

If any of your decorations are not included in your rentals and florist order, this is the right time to buy those. You can order online or visit some shops so that you will have a lot of options to choose from. It is safe to order those as early as now so that you'll have enough time to make some adjustments if there will be any delays in delivery.

3 Months Before your Dream Wedding

We bet you are feeling the pressure this time as you have 90 days remaining to plan out everything for your wedding. Take a deep breath, look back on all the plans you have made so far, and run through your checklist once again. There are still a lot of things that you need to settle so brace yourself for more things you need to prepare. 

  • Create Welcome Baskets From Guests Coming From Out-of-town

This is not necessarily needed but your guests will appreciate it a lot. Think of it as a way of showing your gratitude to them for coming a long way to attend your wedding. They even emptied their schedule to witness you walk down the aisle so it would be nice to give them cute and memorable stuff.

Pro tip: You can prepare welcome baskets that come along with your theme. For example, if you are having a beach wedding, you can give them essentials that they can use like sunscreen, flip flops, or a fan to keep them cool. Be creative with your welcome baskets. Your guests will appreciate it a lot if they will know you worked hard to prepare it.

  • Design Your Wedding Program

Aside from photos and invitations, your wedding program is another thing that you can keep as a memorabilia for your wedding day. Check out photos and designs on the internet so you can get ideas about how you want the program to look like. 

The wedding program is also very useful for the guests so that they will know what will happen next and how long they need to wait for the next segment to happen. You can always make adjustments on the day of the wedding but it is still best to have a program that you can check from time to time. 

  • Meet With Your Caterer to Discuss Menu Options

Ordering food for taking out is different from planning a menu for your wedding. This is a lot more complicated than you think because there are a lot of things that you need to consider. You need to make sure that the menu is well balanced with meat, vegetables, and seafood as an option. This way, you can ensure to cater to everyone's taste.

Some guests have allergies so you might want to consider that as well. Discuss everything and every detail to your caterer from your appetizer down to your entrees and even for your finger food for the cocktail reception. Let your caterer know of your preference so that they can take note of it ahead of time.

  • Start Gathering Your Honeymoon Documents

You must have forgotten about this already. Check your passport to make sure it is not expired and if it is, renew it while you still have time to get it back without paying exorbitant expedited processing fees. If you need to apply for a visa, then get the documents ready so you just have to submit the papers right away. 

Check what other documents your honeymoon requires of you and get each accordingly. It is also better to have photocopies of your documents and place them in a folder then give it to your parents or siblings. Let them keep it because you might forget about it while getting too busy with your wedding preparations.

  • Do a Trial Test With Your Makeup Artist and Hairstylist For Your Bridal Look

Most of the time, brides only get to see their look on the day of their wedding but we suggest that you do a test look first. It is to make sure that you are satisfied with how your makeup and hair are done and to avoid making changes on the wedding day. 

Doing makeup and styling your hair takes a lot of time and last-minute changes may delay it further so meet with your stylists and makeup artist to discuss your preferred wedding look.

Pro tip: Ask your makeup artist to list down what she used on you. The color, palette, and everything to make sure that you have it all right on your wedding day.

  • Finalize Reception Menu

You had over a month to think about the menu and spent enough time to contact your guests about their allergies and food restrictions. Now is the time to make final changes with the menu so that your caterer can take note of it and start preparing as well. 

  • Purchase Your Ceremony Flowers

After discussing the details with your florist, it is time to order the flowers you want to have for your ceremony. You can also add additional flowers for your guests if you want them to have something on their attires. Place all your orders at once and make sure to double-check before confirming to make sure you are not missing anything.

2 Months Before your Dream Wedding

Things are going to be more hectic as you are down to the last 60 days of your wedding preparations. Time is passing much faster than ever and you need to be ready for it. Handle things as they come and always have a method of relaxation after an exhausting day to help you keep calm. Here are the remaining things that you need to do for your wedding day.

  • Send Your Wedding Invitations

It's getting real this time. After going through a long process of creating your invitation, it is now time to put it in the mail. That means people are going to start RSVPing for your wedding. Be sure you have RSVP cards in your invitations and that they are addressed and stamped back to you. 

  • Write Your Vows

This is just the first draft. Start writing bullet points of what you want to say to your husband-to-be on your wedding day. We know you have a lot to say and one day is not enough to write it all. Create a rough draft so you can have an outline of how you want your vow to flow.

  • Meet With Your Officiant and Go Over The Wedding Details

You have been doing this since you started planning for your wedding. You must meet your officiant either over a coffee or a meal to make sure that you are on the same page in preparing every detail of your wedding. 

Discuss other important things that you have on your list. Take his or her advice on tweaking things if necessary. Trust us, he or she knows better than anyone else because your officiant is someone who has been to more weddings than you'll ever go to.

  • Get Your Marriage License

One of the most important things you need on your wedding day is your marriage license. Without it, you cannot get married legally. You, officiant and witnesses, have to sign it to make it official. Call the local courthouse where you are getting married and ask what you need to get your marriage license. 

Every state has different rules when it comes to getting a marriage license. Some places might require you and your fiance to come together and other places might be okay letting you come separately. Ask all the details to make sure you can comply with the needed requirements. 

  • Finalize Your Seating Arrangement

Now that your RSVPs are rolling in, it is time to finalize your seating charts depending on the number of people who sent their confirmation. Don't worry that you still have a few weeks for some of the RSVPs to come in. Finalize your ideas on the seating arrangement and make adjustments as you go.

  • Touch Base With Your Vendors

It's been a while since you've placed your orders so it is time to get an update from your vendors on how things are going. They might forget about your order or miss anything you need. Take this opportunity to make changes if there is any so your vendors can take note of it and include it when they deliver your items. 

  • Schedule One More Fitting

You have done two fittings already but this time is the last time that you can make changes and alterations with your wedding dress. Bring all your accessories and undergarment with you to check if it fits well with your dress. Make sure they don't make you feel as if you have any extra rolls of skin because they are too tight or too loose. 

  • Create a Timeline For Your Big Day

After months of preparation, you finally arrived at this moment. The most exciting part of planning your wedding— creating your final timeline to mark every single moment of your dream wedding. Here's a list of things that you can take note of when creating your timeline. Make some adjustments if you feel the need to fit your preference and put a specific time when you want these things to happen.

  • Hair and makeup
  • Breakfast
  • Men's arrival
  • Bridal portraits
  • Groom portraits
  • Family portraits
  • Exchanging gifts with your wedding party
  • Time to pray or sit quietly
  • Leave for ceremony
  • Get married
  • Cocktail hours
  • Picture taking
  • Grand entrance
  • Dinner
  • First dances
  • Toasts
  • Dance time
  • Cake cutting
  • garter/passing of bouquet
  • Send off party
  • Book Spa Appointments

We have one important advice for you— do not schedule a facial, wax, Botox, fillers, or hair coloring the day before or on the day of your wedding. Instead, book a relaxing day at the spa for a massage, manicure, pedicures, and other small things that are not going to affect your look during your wedding.

  • Finalize Venue Setup and Decorations

Meet with your planner to finalize the overall look of your venue. This is a fun part because you finally get to see a glimpse of what your big day will look like. The most important thing here is that you need to walk through the whole program with your planner to make sure they are aware of the things that you want to happen on your big day. Give them the list you prepared and ask them for recommendations if needed. 

Here's a list of the things that you should finalize with your planner:

  • Table placement
  • Setup of items in your table
  • Decorations
  • Program timeline

Make sure to discuss each item thoroughly with your planner so that you don't miss anything on your list. 

1 Month Before your Dream Wedding

Can you believe it? You are just thirty days away from your big day. It's finally coming true and all your efforts will pay off. But, do not rejoice yet since there are still a lot of things that you need to do even in the last month of your wedding preparations.

  • Call Vendors to Confirm Orders

This is the right time to finally confirm your orders. Before paying, make sure to run through each item and double-check that you are not missing anything that you added last minute.

  • Order Your Wedding Gown Preservation Kit

You might think it is too early to do this but actually, it is just the right time. If you want to keep your gown as new as you wear it during your wedding day, make sure to order a wedding gown preservation kit so you can have your gown cleaned and preserved right away after your wedding. 

  • Pick up Your Wedding Rings and Marriage License

The rings must be ready by now as well as your marriage license. Make sure to pick it up so you won't forget about it. You need to give your marriage license to your officiant the night before your wedding because he or she is the one in charge of that on the wedding day.

  • Enjoy Bridal Showers and Parties

You cannot miss this one. There will be a lot of parties organized by your friends and loved ones. Now is your time to shine. This month is all about you and your fiance. Take this time off worrying about your wedding preparations and make memories with your loved ones and friends. 

3 Weeks Before your Dream Wedding

You're getting married in 21 days! We understand that everything might feel surreal right now but this is not the time to sit back and relax. Remember that there are still small details that you need to organize for your dream wedding. 

  • Create a Honeymoon Packing List

Your honeymoon packing list is dependent on what time of the year you are going. If it is summer, pack all beach essentials but if it is winter then make sure to pack all your coats to survive the cold.

Look up the weather on where you are going and pack accordingly. This list is designed to make sure you have everything you need when you pack since you will be packing for many nights in a place far away from home.

  • Have a Date Night

The past few months must have been very busy for you and your fiance. This time, take a day off on planning your wedding and enjoy a date night with just the two of you away from all the wedding worries. Enjoy these last moments of being single because your new life awaiting you weeks from now after saying "I do" to your husband-to-be.

  • Confirm orders From Your Vendors

We know you felt like you've been doing this over and over again but it is really important that you call them one last time and make sure everything is set up accordingly and that you do not miss anything.

2 Weeks Before your Dream Wedding

There is no time to relax as you are only 14 days away from walking down the aisle. You're going to find yourself very distracted thinking about everything, about your wedding but there is nothing to worry about because we still get the countdown checklist for you.

  • Give The Final Headcount to Your Caterer

The RSVPs are in and every guest is accounted for. It's time to let your caterer know how many people are coming, and let them know how many people are eating what. This is gonna be the last time that you get to change the menu and headcount so be sure you are accurate on your numbers and your target count.

Pro tip: Order additional meals in case there are some people you know who are not on the RSVP but are going to show up last minute. It's always better to have too much than too little of everything.

  • Get a Facial and Have Your Hair Trimmed

Remember our advice not to do any facial appointment days before your wedding as it can make you look swollen. So, this is the right time to do it. Go to your dermatologist and get that refreshing facial to get yourself ready for the big day.

Get your hair trimmed too if it is too long already. But do not cut it too short so that you'll still get the hairstyle you want for your wedding day. 

  • Ask Someone to Return Things After The Wedding

Find someone you trust that can help you run some important errands for you while you are off enjoying your honeymoon. Ask this person to do the following:

  • Make sure all rented items are returned on time to avoid penalties
  • All gowns and tuxedos are returned
  • Make sure all floral arrangement will not be left scattered in the venue after the wedding
  • Make sure all gifts get to your home safely
  • Touch Base with the person in charge of the transportation

This is very important because you need to inform them what time should they pick you up to avoid any delays in the ceremony. Make sure they all have the complete addresses and numbers of your contact persons so that communication is easier on the day of the wedding.

1 Week Before your Dream Wedding

Finally! It's your wedding week! You have come this far after all the struggles you've been through. Time passed so quickly, right? This time, you can relax a bit and try to get some beauty rest because the list we have for you is a lot simpler than the previous months of preparation. The end is almost here so savor every moment of this week while you do the final preparations for your big day.

  • Pack For Your Honeymoon

You have booked your flight, hotels, and tours and now all you have to do is pack your essentials for the honeymoon. This must be easy as you already know the weather of the place you are going. But we still suggest that you make a list of things that you should bring while packing to make sure you will not leave anything important. 

  • Prepare Payments For All Vendors

Most of your vendors must be fully paid by now. While every vendor is different, most of them wanted to get fully paid before the wedding day so you must make sure to give them the payment ahead of time. If not, you might be missing out on a vendor during your big day and that's going to give you a lot of trouble. 

You can also prepare some tips for them. Place it in a small envelope and hand it over as a thank you for all their hard work to make your dream wedding into reality. They will surely appreciate your kind gesture. 

  • Finalize Your Vows

Remember that you only created a rough draft of your vows months before. Now is the time to finalize it. Be as sincere as you can and do not overthink. Write what is in your heart and what you want to tell your future husband. The more sincere you are, the more real it will feel real.

  • Coordinate With Your Planner For The Last Time

Since you are down to your last week of wedding preparation, make sure to do a final check with all the things needed with your wedding planner. Run through the program, the venue, the decorations, and anything that needs to be settled. Make sure you give the to-do list to your planner so he or she can settle things for you. 

The day before your wedding checklist

You are down to the last day before your big day. If you thought you got to spend this day all pampered, you got it right. Spend this day doing what you want to do while checking on small details for your wedding.

  • Deliver Welcome Baskets to The Hotel Room

Your guests must have arrived by now. Visit their hotel rooms and personally give them the welcome baskets you've prepared. Have a small chit chat with them and ask them to enjoy their stay and all the things you have prepared for your wedding. 

  • Attend Rehearsal

Never miss this one. You might be familiar already with your wedding since you prepared it since day one but it still feels different when you are rehearsing with all the bridesmaids and groomsmen. It is also important for you to be there so that if there are changes made, you can easily adapt to it and be informed right away. 

  • Get a Beauty Rest

We know you are too excited and do not want to sleep tonight. You want to stay up late with your girlfriends and talk about a lot of stuff but you would not want to look tired on your big day, right? So take a beauty rest and reserve your energy for your big day.

Your wedding day checklist

It's here! You are finally walking the aisle and getting married to the man of your dreams. All the challenges you had while preparing for this day are going to pay off now. Cherish this moment because it only happens once in your lifetime.

 You only have one job today and that is to have fun and savor every moment of this day but we just want to remind you of a few things before you say "I do."

  • Give your phone to someone else either to your parents or to your officiant.
  • Eat your breakfast because the ceremony will take longer than you expected and you don't want your stomach to be trembling while the wedding ceremony is going on.
  • Relax. Breath in and out. Do not be nervous. You waited for this moment and you are here. Enjoy every bit of it. 
  • Have fun!

After your wedding checklist

Congratulations! You are finally married and all your hard work with the wedding preparations paid off. Now that you are back from your honeymoon and to real life as you know it, there are still a few things that you need to settle as a part of your wedding planning checklist.

Keep all the memories of your wedding by keeping your dress preserved. Pack up your gown in your Wedding Gown Preservation Kit and drop it off at your local UPS store. You will get it back well preserved and cleaned. It will give you the peace-of-mind knowing that your gown won't stain or yellow for your lifetime and beyond.

  • Change Your Name

If you are planning to change your name, do it as soon as possible. It may sound easy but it is more complicated than you think because you also need to change your name in all your utilities and documents. Here's a list of the things where you need to change your name.

  • Social Security Administration
  • Passport
  • Bank accounts
  • Driver's license
  • Credit cards
  • Insurances
  • Household bills and accounts

Some of these items you can change online or over the phone but most of them need your physical appearance so call the respective offices first. Ask them if you can change your name over the phone or you need to go to their office to process it.

That is the last thing that you'll have on your wedding planning checklist. We understand it is a long work to do but the journey is fulfilling and memorable. 

If you need professional help in planning your wedding, do not hesitate to contact Azaria Bridal. We are more than happy to help you make your dream wedding into a reality. Our team of experts is always on the go to discuss things with you. Give us a call or visit our website to know more about the services we offer. Start your wedding planning journey with us!

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