The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide on How To Plan Your Quinceañera

Quinceañera Girl

Traditionally, quinceañera is a celebration of a girl's fifteenth birthday to welcome her coming of age. It is the day when she transforms from a young girl to adulthood and nothing is more exciting than celebrating it with a fun and memorable party. 

You may opt to have a simple party or a grandiose one but one thing is for sure, planning your quinceañera takes a lot of time and preparation. Aside from the time and date, there are other more important things that you need to take care of. 

To help you plan your most awaited quinceañera, we made an ultimate guide for you to take note of. Read below and make sure to list the important points.

Step 1: Choose a Date

We do not mean to move the day of your birthday. What we mean here is choose a date whether you want to celebrate your quinceañera before, on the day, or after the day of your birthday. It is best to celebrate it on the exact date of your birthday but there could be holidays and other conflicts that could interfere. So make sure to decide on a date where the majority of your guests are available to avoid having an empty celebration because of the conflict of schedules. 

Step 2: Set a Realistic Budget

Setting a realistic budget is the first thing that you should do after choosing a date because you cannot start planning anything without knowing how much you can spend. Ask your parents how much they are willing to spend for your quinceañera and work on that budget. Try to get them involved in the planning process since they will be providing you the financial support. 

Step 3: Choose a Venue

You can either opt to celebrate in your house or look for a bigger venue where you can host more guests. Remember to choose a venue that fits your budget and can accommodate enough people to make sure everyone can still roam around while enjoying your party. 

Do your research ahead of time. List possible venues that you want to consider and as much as possible, visit the place and make sure you see it personally. Take a look around the venue and see how you can decorate it and how to arrange your tables and chairs. 

Step 4: Choose a Theme

You have the budget and venue so now is the right time to choose your theme. It is all up to you what you want. Go for a classic theme or an elegant one, it’s all up to you as long as you do not overspend for the decorations and party needs. Remember that having a theme is not a requirement but it will surely make your party more fun. 

Step 5: Make a Guest List

We know you want to invite all of your friends on your quinceañera but you might get too excited and forget their names. So run through your contact list and make your guest list. Include everyone whom you want to be with on your coming of age. Of course, your family comes first so include them to your list as well. 

It will be easier to make a guest list if you list them by group. For example, create a separate list for your family and relatives then create another list for your friends and acquaintances. That way it will be easier to know whose names you missed.

Step 6: Choose a Song For Your Waltz Dance

You cannot miss this tradition and fun part of your quinceañera. Your waltz dance is also one of the symbols of your coming of age so choose the best songs and create a playlist. If possible, search for the commonly used song for waltz dance and practice dancing at home. That will help you perfect a round of dances with your escorts. 

Step 7: Look for Your Quinceañera Dress

One of the things that makes the girls excited about celebrating their quinceañera is the dress that they will be wearing. Since it is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, girls want to look their best when welcoming adulthood. So, look for the best quinceañera dresses and choose the one that you like. Remember that when choosing your gown, comfortability always comes first.

You can choose a dress that fits your theme or if you are more comfortable with cocktail dresses that’s fine as well as long as you feel comfortable while looking the most gorgeous on your big day! Pair your beautiful dress with hair and makeup to complete your princess-like look. 

Step 8: Order your Invitation Cards

Now that you have finalized your guest list and theme, you can now order your invitations. Aside from calling them or sending them an email, you can also send them invitations. Include important details such as the venue, time, date, and of course your theme so they can prepare what to wear at your party. 

Remember to order your invitation cards two to three weeks before your quinceañera so you still have enough time to deliver it to your friends. That way, they can block their schedule already on the date of your quinceañera and make sure to be present at your celebration. 

Step 9: Decide on the Menu

Food is a must at every party so make sure to save some time deciding on your menu. If you are planning to celebrate at home, then you can ask your parents to help you with the cooking. But if you are going to have it in a restaurant or other venues, you can go with catering. List all the dishes that you want to have and make sure to consider all options for your guests as well. 

There might be some of your guests who are allergic to chicken or who do not eat pork. So make sure to list a variety of dishes that your guests can enjoy. You can also include some snacks for the guests to munch on while enjoying the party.

Step 10:  Choose an Emcee

The party will not be complete without an emcee. Pick someone from your friends or family who can run the program for you because you will be very busy on your big day. You can draft a program on how you want your quinceañera to run and let the emcee give life to it. Getting an emcee will surely make your celebration more fun and memorable. 

Step 11: Prepare a Small Giveaways

This one is optional but if you want to give something to your guests that will remind them of your quinceañera then go ahead and order some giveaways. It is also a way of saying thank you to your guests for emptying their busy schedules to attend your celebration of coming of age. 

Step 12: Do not Forget the Traditions

Since quinceañera is a traditional celebration that has been passed on from generation to generation, make sure not to miss it when planning as well. There is the changing of your sandals to heels that symbolize your growth to adulthood and there is the waltz dance as well. Prepare all the needed logistics and schedule practices if needed. You would not want to miss any important tradition in this once-in-a-lifetime celebration. 

Above all, do not forget to have some fun because that is the most important part. Always expect the unexpected when planning for your quinceañera party so that you can resolve problems right away if there is. Use our step-by-step guide to help you start planning your quinceañera party!

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