The Ultimate Guide On Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Outdoor Wedding Venue

What’s not to love about having an intimate and romantic wedding held outdoors? It is a wonderful idea to veer away from the typical wedding venue most weddings have. However, when you decide to choose an outdoor wedding venue you need to consider a lot of things. 

It may be as easy as it looks, but it isn’t. You will have to think of the theme – fairytale, minimalist, rustic or any unique theme you can think of that is perfect for an outdoor venue. 

Before  you continue planning on the smallest details for your outdoor wedding such as the decors and venue, here are some tips you can consider that may help you achieve a beautiful and successful outdoor wedding.


Choosing a venue for your outdoor wedding could be overwhelming as it is not the typical place where weddings are usually held. You need to pick a venue that will satisfy your preferences, budget, and your location. Below are a few outdoor venues you can choose for your wedding.


Backyards are the most common choice when it comes to outdoor weddings. You can use your own backyard or even a family member’s. This kind of setting is very intimate where you can gather your closest friends and family to witness you and your partner’s exchange vows. 

The downside of this venue is you need to plan ahead for possible crises that may arise such as bad weather. You need to rent tents or canopies for your guests. This is also not ideal for a large crowd – you  will need to find a bigger space to accommodate your guests and prepare for more tables and chairs.

Beach Weddings

Beach is another good venue for outdoor weddings. Who wouldn’t love walking on the white sand and saying each other’s vows while the waves are rolling at your back? If you choose this kind of venue, you can be creative with the arc on your ceremony. 

For this venue, you will also need to remind your guests of possible extreme heat and wind and choose an attire that is comfortable to be worn in the said venue. 

Golf Course

A golf course is an ideal venue for a large wedding ceremony. However, you can choose a part of the place if you want it to be more intimate. The lush green space provided by the venue makes it easier to decorate. 

This venue is also convenient as most golf resorts offer a number of amenities such as guest accommodations, indoor reception as a possible backup, catering and rental services for food, chairs, tables, and other important details for the wedding. 

Local, State, and National Parks

Parks have beautiful landscapes which are perfect for an outdoor wedding venue. You can look around for parks in your locality for options. It would be easy to decorate this kind of venue since it is already surrounded with trees and other decorations such as pathways, gazebos, and topiaries.

For this venue, you will secure a permit to have a ceremony. Fees are also collected which vary based on the park that you selected. The venue would be cheaper compared to the other suggested outdoor venues however rentals for chairs, tables, and other things to be used for the ceremony is costly since it is not provided in parks and you will need to transport it. Since a park is a public space, your privacy is compromised if you choose this outdoor venue.

How To Decorate Outdoor Venues

Now that you already have ideas for your outdoor wedding venue, you can now proceed in planning for the decorations that you will use for the venue. 

It is very important that the decorations that you will use as well as the furniture will match the theme that you have chosen for your wedding. Below are different outdoor wedding ideas that can help in making your plan into a reality

Use The Nature

You have chosen to have an outdoor wedding, why not make use of the view nature has to offer? Using natural scenery will exude a more serene vibe to your wedding. To incorporate nature in your outdoor wedding venue, you can use the natural plants as a guide for passage or paths. You can also use the branches of the trees to hang the lights or any hanging ornaments. Trees can also serve as a natural arc for your wedding ceremony.

Reduce Floral Decorations

Since you chose outdoors as your venue, you can cut down the use of floral decoration. In this way you can save money. Minimal use of decoration will highlight the scenery of the outdoor venue you chose such as the trees. You can use a few floral decorations for your guests such as corsage and bouquets. You can also use the flowers as center pieces for your table arrangements.


Use Plenty of Lights

For a more elegant look, lights are highly suggested to be used. These are very useful especially at evening weddings and reception. Lights can help in the aesthetics of your wedding and it will bring a vibrant mood to your guests. 

You can use string lights for the dance floor, fire pits , lanterns, and many more. There are some outdoor venues that have restrictions when it comes to use of lights so you will need to consult with an electrician for the safety of everyone. 

Now that you know a few ideas on outdoor weddings, you can carefully decide on how you will go about your planning. Considering the inspirations mentioned above will aid you and your partner in making your dream outdoor wedding memorable and successful. Remember to always consider your budget when choosing a venue either you opt to go for outdoors or indoors. 

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