Step-by-Step Tips on How to Plan Your Sweet Sixteen Party

Step-by-Step Tips on How to Plan Your Sweet Sixteen Party

Every girl highly anticipates her ‘Sweet Sixteen” birthday party because it is finally her coming of age day. It is the day when she will transform from her childhood to adulthood, and nothing is more exciting than celebrating it with her friends and family. For some, they might just consider having a usual gathering, but for most, they want it to be unique and get a lot of preparation.

Planning a party is not easy, especially if it is your first time doing it. So, we created a step-by-step checklist on how you can plan a memorable sweet sixteen birthday party. Read on below and take note of the essential things that you should remember while preparing for your party.

Step 1: Ask Your Parents For a Budget

Setting a realistic budget is the first thing that you should do above anything else. Everything will follow through, depending on the budget that you set for the whole party. Ask your parents how much they are willing to shell out for your party and work on that budget. As much as possible, include them when planning your party because they will be the ones paying for everything, so ask their opinions as well to make everything organized.

Step 2: Decide the Date

After you have set your budget, decide when you want to have your party. Either you want it before, after, or on the day of your actual birthday. It is best to celebrate your sweet sixteen on the exact date of your birthday, but there could be holidays and significant events that could interfere. So make sure to choose a date where the majority of your guests are available to avoid an empty venue because none of your guests could come due to conflict of schedules. 

Step 3: Find a Venue

Once you have set your budget, and you have decided on a date, it is now time to find a venue that fits your budget and preferred date. This step can be a bit tiring because there will be times when the venue you want will not be available on your preferred date, or it does not fit your budget. When that happens, you need to find another one right away that perfectly fits your budget and chosen date.

Do not get sad or discouraged if you did not get to reserve your first choice for the venue. There are a lot of other beautiful venues out there, and you just have to look more and find those. It will surely be a magical moment when you finally found the perfect venue for your sweet sixteen so just keep looking and never give up. 

Step 4: Pick Your Party Theme

You have the budget, and the venue, so now is the right time to decide what theme you want to have for your party. Go for an elegant or classy party, and it’s all up to you as long as you stay within your budget and consider your venue as well on how you would design it based on your theme.

It is not necessarily a requirement for you to have a theme, but it will surely make your party more fun. Your guests will enjoy dressing up according to your theme, and you can have games, food, and drinks that relate to your theme. When you pick a theme, you can base it on your hobbies, interests, favorite colors, or favorite show. Whatever you prefer is the best option.

Step 5: Make a Guest List

Now that everything is set, it is the perfect time to make your guest list just right before you send out your invitations. Think first if you want your celebration to be intimate or you want it to be a theatrical one. Once you have decided, you can now start writing down the names of those who you want to be present on your special day. 

Include in your list all of the people you want to be on your sweet sixteen. From friends, classmates, family, and relatives list them all and make sure not to miss anyone.

Step 6: Order Your Invitation Cards

You have your theme and your guest list, as well as the details of the party, so it is the time to order invitations. Have your invitation cards designed according to your theme. That way, your guests will have an idea of what your theme is and what to wear at your party. It is best to have your invitations ready a week or two before your sweet sixteen so that your guests can block their schedule on the day of the party. 

Traditionally, invitations for sweet sixteen are hand-delivered to the guests, but it is up to you if you want to follow this. You could deliver the invitations yourself or simply mail them to your guests. Choose whichever is more convenient for you. 

Step 7: Decide on the Menu

The menu is usually dependent on the venue that you chose. If you are going to have your party in a restaurant, then most probably you’ll get a catering service. So, list the dishes you want to be prepared and inform the caterer. But, if you decided to have your party at your house, you can select on the entire menu as long as it fits your budget. 

For the menu, we suggest you choose foods that can be eaten with hands as your guests will most likely be roaming around and mingling with each other. Instead of sitting while eating, they can go around and have some chitchat with other guests, and of course, do not forget your cake or cupcake if you prefer a simpler dessert option. 

Step 8: Plan out the Party Programme

Although you only planned to have a simple celebration, it is still best to have a series of activities prepared to keep your party alive. List down the things you want to do with your friends like the games you can do and other entertainment stuff that you can include. Make sure to get a host to keep the party organized and have your prepared program followed.

Step 9: Gift Bags

This one is optional, but if you want to give something to your guests as a thank you gift for coming to your sweet sixteen birthday celebration despite their busy schedule, then you can get some party favors or gift bags. You can give them something edible or not. It is all up to you as long as it fits your budget, and it is something that is not difficult to prepare.

There you have it! You can now prepare for your sweet sixteen birthday party, but always remember that things may not always go as planned. Expect the unexpected when planning for a party so that you will not get overwhelmed and disappointed right away. Use our step-by-step guide to help you navigate in preparing for your party. Start planning today!

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