Postponed Wedding: 12 Ways To Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date

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Having to postpone a wedding after months of planning is never anyone’s plan.

However, there are times that life throws you a curveball and the best that you can do is adjust and navigate through it. This is what every couple has to put up with whenever they need to postpone their wedding on a later date. 

Couples usually have a hard time dealing with this kind of decision most especially when they cannot get married on the day that they have been looking forward to. But, there is nothing to get sad about because you can still find a special way to mark the original date of your wedding.

We have listed ways on how you can celebrate your original wedding date if you have to postpone so you can still make it a special and memorable day.

Read on below and feel free to choose which idea you want to do with your partner. 

Order a mini version of your wedding cake

You don’t have to wait until your wedding day to have that much-awaited wedding cake. Ask your baker to create a mini version of it so you can enjoy it while having a good time with your partner. Do not forget to take photos while doing a cutting of the cake ceremony and feeding each other with a slice of cake. 

Have a fancy dinner

The dinner party that you have been planning for months can wait until your wedding day. For now, enjoy a fancy and extravagant dinner with your partner while reminiscing some good memories of your years together.

Plan your honeymoon

This is probably the best time to plan your honeymoon without having to rush all the details that you need to plan out. Map out the destinations that you want to visit, list all the restaurants that you want to try, and do in-depth research for your itinerary. Make use of this day to organize a memorable and beautiful honeymoon so you’ll be more than ready when it is the right time.

Write a letter to each other


Since your wedding day has been postponed, you cannot yet hear the vows you have prepared. So why not write a special letter saying how you truly feel towards each other and how thankful you are for the years you have been together. Write your true feelings and consider this as a practice while waiting for your actual big day. 

Open your wedding wine

While enjoying your wedding cake, pair it up with your wedding wine. You have more time to replenish and buy a new one for your actual big day so pop that cork and enjoy a meaningful and relaxing time together while talking about your plans as a married couple.

Pose for a photoshoot

It might not be your wedding yet but you can ask a little favor from your photographer to do a mini photoshoot with your fiance so you have something as a remembrance for this special day. Let them do a different concept than what you have planned and prepared for the actual wedding day. You can display the photos on your wedding day as a part of the decoration. 

Also, there is nothing to worry if you are concerned about social distancing while having your mini photoshoot. You can ask your photographers to take your photos from a distance to maintain a less physical contact photoshoot.

Order a floral arrangement

You do not have to wait until your big day to treat yourself with a beautiful bouquet. Call your florist and order a simple floral arrangement that you can use for your mini photoshoot or just have it displayed in your room. 

This will make you feel like you are also in the actual venue of your supposed wedding on that day. Make sure to arrange a safe delivery for the flowers to keep social distancing.

Host a virtual party

Since you cannot yet go out and have some fun with your family and friends, why not host a virtual party and invite your guests. You can share some good laughs and cooking tips or you can also ask some of your friends to prepare a short program where everybody can participate. It will surely be a fun celebration just like you are having an actual wedding party. 

Treat each other to a wedding gift

You were probably thinking about buying each other a wedding gift so why not do that on this day? Buy something special that you have always wanted to give to your fiance. Be it a simple card or as elegant as a necklace, you can buy anything you think that your fiance will like. Remember that it is the thought that counts so you do not really have to spend a lot on this.

Watch a movie together

Nothing is more relaxing than spending a meaningful day with your fiance most especially during the original date of your wedding day. Since you cannot go out and enjoy a movie date, set up a mini theater at home and enjoy some of your favorite movies while having your favorite takeout meals. Do not forget to bring out your wedding wine and some slices of your wedding cake.

Dance your first dance as a couple

You might have practiced a lot for your first dance as a couple so why not make it real this time. Set up your speakers at home, play some romantic music, and have a beautiful dance together. Mind you, this might be the most intimate dance you’ll have in your life because you get to enjoy each other’s company without anyone watching you. Enjoy and cherish this moment!

Look back on your years as a couple

It is the perfect time to go down the memory lane. Nothing is more romantic than reminiscing your good old memories from the time when you were still dating until you become a couple. You can do this while enjoying some romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant or at home if you prefer to enjoy an intimate date night together. 

There are a lot of things that you can do to celebrate your original wedding date if you have to postpone because of some unexpected happenings. Do not be sad or get discouraged because you are still getting married to the love of your life but it just has to wait a bit longer, but you will definitely get there. For now, enjoy some romantic time with your fiance while waiting for your actual big day. Remember that marriage is about love and commitment and enduring hardships together.

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