How To Choose A Wedding Dress And Not Regret It

How To Choose A Wedding Dress And Not Regret It

You've heard of your friends recently engage or recently married, and you know their stories about choosing their dream wedding dress. Then as time pass by, prior to the wedding day, doubts came in about whether they truly made the right decision in choosing the right wedding dress. We always say, information is the key essence in finding the right wedding dress. We have our wonderful key points on choosing your wedding dress so you don't regret it.

Dress Budget

It is important to have a dress budget or a price range when you go for wedding dress shopping. When deciding about your budget also consider how much it would cost if you need alterations. Let your bridal consultant know your price range so they can walk you in to the right direction.

Shop early but not too early

All brides feels the same feeling once they got engaged, the excitement of finding that wedding dress is what they feel. Before booking your bridal appointment start your search online by searching bridal shops in NJ, also through social media or bridal magazines. New styles and trends get released every season. We suggest allowing yourself ten months before your wedding is perfect, it gives you enough time to visit different bridal stores in NJ and other nearby places. By doing this you will have enough time and you will not feel any rush to make a decision in finding that wedding dress.

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Trunk Show

This will help you in finding that dream wedding dress. You might already have a designer that you are obsessing over.  Attending their trunk show is a great way to get a sneak peek and try on the latest collection before the dresses get release to the boutiques. We have the most fun trunk show at our bridal store, stay updated by visiting our website and get connected by following our social media accounts.

Fit and Size

You might feel confident that you have found the dress, you love everything about it from the details to the lace and the garment used. However, you are unsure of the fit because the sample dress is either too big or too small. Don't be stress, make sure to ask your consultant if there is another gown with a similar fit and shape in your size to try on. It might not be the dress but this will help you imagine the dress you love and help you say yes to the dress.

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Sticking to Who You Are

This is such a central part to deciding on a dress. We have always said to our brides to stick to who they are and stay within your personality. Don’t change yourself just because it’s your wedding day. At the end of the day it is your wedding and looking and feeling like your most natural comfortable self is the best thing to do. Saying YES to the dress doesn’t come straight away to most brides and don’t get disheartened by that. Your yes moment will come, and it might come the next day after you’ve had a night to think about it. Take that extra night before saying yes if you need it and once you do a huge weight will be lifted.

Have a Professional Take Your Measurements

Make sure to get your body measurement from a professional. All our consultants are trained in taking full body measurements and most of our consultants have a fashion background. It is good to trust your consultant when taking your measurements especially when they know the fit of the dress you have chosen.

Traditional or Fashion-Forward?

I see many brides going for “safe” and more traditional wedding gowns. But remember that your wedding is a very unique day and an opportunity to wear something over the top. It is your red-carpet moment. Colour, dramatic overskirt, semi sheer fabric, 3D embroidery - there are so many ways to express yourself while staying elegant. Don’t be afraid to be bold and to be yourself.

Pose In Your Wedding Dress

The photography aspect of a wedding gown is very important. Remember that you will be photographed from different angles. When trying on gowns make sure to practice your “aisle walk”, “first dance”, certain poses you are planning to use during your photoshoot. For instance, off-the shoulder dresses can be restricting if you are planning to pose or dance while wrapping your arms around the groom’s neck.

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Details Matter

Look for a dress with details that will draw attention to your best assets. Wedding gowns with details on the back, long sleeves, unique embroidery, a bow, sparkles – these elements will take your wedding photographs to the next level and will make close-up photos of hands or your loving embrace much more interesting.

Confidence is Everything

All brides are beautiful in their own way. There is no need to try and look like someone else or be upset because you don’t look a certain way. Your partner loves you and is marrying you because of you. When you choose a wedding dress, look for something that makes you feel beautiful, makes you feel like yourself, and makes you feel comfortable and confident. If you feel confident and beautiful it will show on the photographs, in your smile, and will make the entire wedding day experience magical and unforgettable.

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