Have a Celebrity Prom Dress Look

Have a Celebrity Prom Dress Look

You've got a prom later this year and you need inspiration, where do you get it? You go where the promenade dress designers go, celeb and catwalk spotting. Most of the modern day prom gown and ball robe designs are stimulated by way of both what's appearing on the catwalk indicates at London, Paris, New York, Milan, and what those a list celebs choose to wear on their many red carpet walks.

You'll find videos on YouTube, photos on Flickr, and of course there are those high end fashion mags. Take inspiration from your favourite celebrity who tops the fashion rankings.

Getting inspiration is about defining the form of fashion you want. You may additionally love the short gown that one celeb is wearing, and the precise colour of a exceptional dress worn through another celeb. Perhaps the hairstyle of another is the one for you!

The 'trick' is putting all those different style flavours into one package, you. After all, what looks great on a 6 foot catwalk model might not look so great on you if you're 5' 3". The idea is that you make yourself look the most glamorous you can for that prom evening.

Just like Taylor Swift who wore a strapless heart shaped bust dress way back in 2011, with a sequined bodice and a long tulle skirt the overall effect was stylish and playful. Using that as a starting point you could look out for similar items, mixing and matching fabrics and colours to get the right effect for you.

Are you curvy with legs (you know what I mean), well think back to when Michelle Trachtenberg from Gossip Girl wore that dark navy strapless short dress. It was by no means flashy, but has just the right balance of showing enough and hiding enough. Is that your style?

Getting the idea? Find celebs close to your physical shape and colouring and copy what they do; they pay thousands for high flying fashion consultants to dress them. You can take them as an example to strengthen your own fashion for free.

You don't have to spend a fortune on your promenade outfit. There are lots of online promenade dress like Azaria Bridal and ball gown shops who are supplying the latest designer copies at surely realistic prices. By doing some easy mixing and matching, accessorising, and making certain you are dressing to go well with you, you can wow them at the prom.

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