Everything You Need to Know When Planning a Micro Wedding

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Planning for weddings can be so overwhelming. You need to plan for a lot of things which would take up most of your time and money. Couples need to plan on their wedding attire, venue, decorations, food, and many more that would cater to the needs and expectations of their guests.  This is a huge investment which most couples try to consider if it is worth it or not. Nowadays, a lot of soon-to-be wedded couples try to consider changing their wedding plans and jump into the trend these days – hosting micro weddings. 

Micro wedding is an intimate affair with no more than 50 guests. This kind of wedding still hosts time-honored traditions but on a smaller scale. Instead of planning for costly grand weddings, couples choose to go with this kind of wedding to save time from planning as well as the costs. In addition, the pandemic has also contributed a lot to the rising numbers of micro weddings which has drastically changed the wedding industry. 

The strict lockdown measures have forced a lot of soon-to-be wedded couples to postpone or cancel their wedding plans. However, there are also couples who try to redirect their plans and go with micro weddings for them to be able to celebrate the most awaited day of their life as a couple.  If you plan to join the hype of micro weddings, below are some useful and creative tips you can use when planning for one. 

Tap the Pros or DIY it?

If you want stress-free planning for your wedding, you can always tap professional wedding planners and organizers to do the work for you. Look for a planner who will help you create your dream wedding. Make sure to make a list of the things you want for your wedding such as the decorations, the wedding cake, and venue so that you can arrange it with your planner. 

Other brides also choose to jump on the trend of do-it-yourself (DIY) micro wedding. This is very helpful especially for those couples who are tight in their budget. It is also quite easier to DIY a micro wedding because it is only small scale. DIYing your wedding also gives you the opportunity to create more significant memories while being hands-on in planning for your wedding.

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Decide for a Wedding Theme

Just as you thought that wedding themes are forgotten for this kind of wedding, but you got it wrong. You can still choose a wedding theme that you and your significant other want. Choosing a wedding theme is very important for a small scale wedding set-up, so that you will be guided on what decorations you will use for your venue as well as the attire that you and your guests will be wearing.

Pick a Venue

With micro weddings, it is easier to pick a wedding venue as there are a lot of choices available. You can search around your locality for a venue that is best suited for the number of people attending your wedding. Some couples choose a venue where both the wedding ceremony and reception are held. Combining your wedding ceremony and reception venue will save your rental and decoration costs.

You can be unique with the venue of your micro wedding. You can choose a small hall in a hotel, your favorite restaurant, or even at the backyard of your own home for an outdoor wedding experience.

Invite the Most Important People

Since this is a micro wedding, it is very essential to invite guests that you and your significant other can’t forget. Set a time where both of you will sit and talk on who to invite. You can invite your closest friends and family members to witness the exchange of your wedding vows. 

Hire a Photographer

Never forget to hire a photographer to document your special day. Regardless if it is a small-scale wedding, you will need to keep memories through photographs of the important happenings of your wedding day. You can research photographers and their portfolios. Choose a photographer that offers packages best suited for your micro wedding.

Dress Up!

The most awaited aspect of wedding planning, especially for brides, is planning for their wedding dress. Even though it is just a micro wedding, it is still highly encouraged for brides to dress up and look the best version of themselves on their wedding day. You can purchase or create a new wedding dress you want. 

To save up costs, some brides also opt to use a hand-down wedding dress from their mother or grandmother which was preserved for this purpose. Isn’t it special to walk a clothing aisle again that holds a lot of memories from the most significant day of the women in your life? 

You can also tone-down your attire for your micro wedding. Instead of wearing a grand wedding dress, you can experiment with different dress styles that you feel comfortable wearing on your wedding day. 

In the light of what’s happening these days, micro weddings have become the trend for couples who plan to pursue their wedding. Micro weddings can also help you in giving a more romantic and intimate kind of wedding  - which is also cost-friendly . This may be understated compared to the traditional or typical weddings, but for sure it will still give you the best and memorable wedding experience of your life. 

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