Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Gown Preservation Kit

Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Gown Preservation Kit
Your wedding dress is one of the precious assets that will remain in your closet forever. It represents the moment when you tied knots with your partner and took the vows to be with each other for the rest of your life. It was a day when your close friends and relatives showered blessings for a happy married life. So, no matter what happens, that dress deserves a special place and also extra care.

Partying On Your Wedding Day

Wedding days can become crazy, especially when you have wine and guests dancing around. The cake cutting, dance, and drinks can tarnish the color of your beautiful gown. Once it gets stained, it takes a lot of effort to bring it back to its normal color. Food, dirt, lipstick, grass, and various other things can spoil the color of the gown, and you would definitely not want that to happen. Your wedding gown deserves to look spotless for an eternity. That is why it is essential to have a wedding gown preservation kit.

Wedding Gown Preservation

Many women keep their wedding gown so that they can pass it on to their daughter or granddaughter. But, before doing that you should make sure it doesn’t have any stain. Preserving a wedding gown may not be possible for everyone because it requires professional care and advanced cleaning solutions. You will need to purchase a preservation kit to ensure that the gown goes through thorough cleaning. So, how does this process work? Let’s find out.

1. Purchase The Kit

The wedding gown preservation kit doesn’t indicate a cleaning solution or fabric cleaning powder. Instead, it is a cleaning package or a service offered by the wedding gown cleaning company. You need to purchase the kit, and the company will send you a box of documents where you need to fill out the necessary information.

2. Mark The Stains

Once you place your order, the company sends a kit within 24 hours. They will send a receipt of all your records regarding the service you want. You can also track your order through the real-time tracker of the company. The box you receive will have various types of stickers inside. These are stain stickers. Attach these stickers on all the areas that require special attention.

3. Pack Your Gown

After you finish marking all the stained areas, you need to fold and place the gown inside the kit carefully. The kit arrives in a box which is big enough to accommodate the gown and all your order details and documents. The container is crushproof. So, you don’t have to worry whether the package will reach safely or not. You will also find a poly bag. Place your gown inside this bag and stuff it in the box. The kit comes with prepaid shipping labels and a shipping insurance worth $500.

You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your gown reaches the cleaning company. You can also subscribe to text messages so that you don’t miss any update as the cleaning process starts.

4. World-Class Cleaning Process

The cleaning company uses a museum-quality technology that helps to restore your gown to its previous condition. The gown looks like new once the cleaning is complete. All the cleaners involved in protecting your gown follow a meticulous cleaning process. They use a delicate fabric cleaning strategy that includes cleaning all the stains you marked, ironing the crimped areas, maintaining the fluffiness of the gown, stitching any area with loose threads, and brushing the gown so that it looks like new.

Once the cleaners finish cleaning your gown, they take a last dig by spraying a solution that prevents it from yellowing in the future. In fact, even if someone wears this gown again, it will not become yellowish anymore. The cleaning company allows the gown to absorb this solution and then hangs it on a mannequin fitting the gown perfectly.

5. Journey Back Home

The company will pack the gown inside a poly dry cleaning bag. They will fold some of the parts carefully so that they don’t crumble during shipping. The poly bag then goes inside a crushproof and water-resistant container and is ready for shipping. You will get an email notification once the company is ready to ship your cleaned gown.

6. Receive Your Gown

The wedding gown preservation kit brings back the pristine look of your wedding gown. Receive the package at your doorstep. You will be awed at how beautiful the gown looks once you take it out from the poly bag. It will give you the chills of wearing the same outfit on your wedding day. You may also feel like wearing it immediately just to satisfy your memories and enjoy the nostalgia.

Why Professional Cleaning Is Essential

There are a few things that you shouldn’t do on your own: handling short circuits, mending plumbing leaks, and cleaning your wedding gown. These things require professional help. A wedding gown is not like your regular dress that you can wash, clean, and iron in a couple of hours. The fabric of these gowns is different from what you usually wear. Moreover, they require special attention in special areas, especially the ones that are getting yellowish.

The wedding gown preservation kit usually includes cleaning of three items, such as the gown, ring pillow, jacket, veil, handkerchief, gloves, purse, charter, and many more. You can select three items from the list and send them in the crushproof box that the cleaning company sends.

Most of the wedding gown cleaning companies is highly confident about their service. They provide a 100-year guarantee on their cleaning. It means if the gown doesn’t retain its whiteness like before, the company will refund your preservation cost. Or, if they can’t remove any stain or deal with the yellowish color, they will give your money back.

So, if you want your daughter to wear your wedding gown on her special day, make sure you contact a reliable wedding gown cleaning company. Watch how the old gown turns into a new one within a few days.
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