Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Dress Trunk Show

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If you're in the middle of planning your wedding, you know what a whirlwind it can be. These items take time and energy, and also entail quite a bit of stress, finding the right catering company, creating elegant bouquets for you and your bridesmaids, nabbing the venue of your dreams. But looking for the dream dress is one of the fun parts of preparing your dream day. If on your wedding day you want to look completely iconic, you should know about trunk shows.

You may have heard of things at a bridal trunk show... so what exactly is a trunk show? Why should you shop for a trunk show with a bridal gown? And how can you find out when the events at the Bridal Trunk Show are happening? To find out what you need to know about the fascinating bridal trunk show and the trunk show concept, read on. At Azaria Bridal, the bridal trunk shows are special events held by bridal boutiques or department stores at which a designer is invited to come and show off her or his new collection. In contrast to off the shelf, there are many benefits to shopping at a trunk show, and also some items that you should know before going to a trunk show. Here are a couple of our tips for the top trunk show.

Exactly, It's Not A Sale 

You could think of a flea market because of the word "trunk show," but nothing could be further from the reality. A trunk show is essentially a showcase of new dresses by a single designer. It's a chance for you to get a preview of future trends and to get some input on their latest line for the designer. So a trunk show does not always guarantee a bargain, however, given that you buy on the spot, designers also offer discounts. When putting on a dress, keep this in mind.

You Could Snag a Rare Dress

Since a bridal designer is debuting a new line to the public for the first time, a trunk show is a great place to find a dress that no one else has. You still run the risk of a bride you know ending up wearing the same style when you buy a dress off the rack. A trunk show helps minimize the chances of doubling up (unless you bring along a fellow bride!). So, if you want to make sure that on your big day you look special, a trunk show is a great place to start.

Since the designer is actually on-hand at a trunk display, behind the dress you pick, you will have unparalleled access to the mind. You should specifically ask her questions to find out whether anything that is really doable is your vision for alterations. Even if you can't find a dress you love at the show, the designer might be able to point you in the direction of another piece in their line that's appropriate for you or help you figure out if it will work better for a dress off the rack.


Try on Other Designers

For a certain designer, just because you come to a trunk show doesn't mean you're obliged to buy your wedding dress from them. The entire bridal boutique is still at your disposal, although you will probably have the most choices from the designer who is in charge of the display. In order to attend a trunk show and try on other dresses, you would most likely need an appointment, which helps you to check out as many items as you want, even those not involved in the show.

Most Are Early in the Year

Designers need plenty of time to tweak their dresses in order to sync up with the launch of new bridal lines. This indicates that between January and March, the bulk of bridal trunk shows occur. You should begin looking for shows accordingly, depending on when your wedding day is. For fittings, alterations and other potential time-consuming aspects of the dress-buying process, allow yourself at least a year so that you do not feel any uncertainty about your look.


Check Out Designer Sites First

If you've never been to a bridal trunk show before, here's a pro tip: don't go blind. If you're not a fan of the designer's work, there's no point in going into a trunk show. So check out online dresses and try to find a designer whose work you love. And then look for a nearby trunk show which specifically features their work. You might also want to pick out a few dresses that you really love from their current lines and ask the designer if she has anything similar in the new line.

It should be a fun and exciting portion of the planning process to find your dream wedding dress! Take a break from blindly browsing bridal boutiques if you're feeling overwhelmed by dress shopping and see if there are any trunk shows that feature designers you like coming to your area. With the dress of your dreams, this one-stop shop could land you, and even if it doesn't, you'll at least end up with a better idea of what you're looking for in a wedding gown.

Now that you know that bridal trunk shows are an awesome time to shop for wedding dresses from designers, you're probably dying to know how to find out about upcoming trunk shows, right? Azaria Bridal is hosting an upcoming bridal trunk show that will get you great discounts on the brand new designs of designer wedding dresses offered at these special events. To find out when there will be upcoming events & in-store trunk shows, visit our homepage to find out about our upcoming trunk show.

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