9 Secrets to Finding the Best Wedding Gown

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Doing your research when looking for a wedding gown is probably one of the best things to do in finding the best wedding dress out there. However, nothing beats having insider information on the secrets of finding the best wedding gown in town. 

Have you been searching for the best wedding gown in New Jersey? Then you have come to the right place. We will give you 10 secret tips on how to spot the best wedding dress for your big day!

#1 Do A LOT of Research

There is no other way for you to find the best bridal shops out there. Do a lot of research on the best wedding shops in New Jersey and list each one of them. Find the advantage and disadvantages then remove from your list those that do not fit your budget and taste. 

There will be a lot of shops to see when you do your research online but do not solely depend on that. Ask your family members and friends as well if they know a place where you can buy the best wedding dress for your wedding. That can help a lot too. 

#2 Commit to A Fitting Appointment

When scheduling a fitting appointment, make sure you commit to it. Empty your calendar on that day and make sure that it is the first thing that you do before doing other errands. This will help you have a clear mind when choosing your gown. 

It lets you focus on the details that you want for your gown and keeps you reminded of the important questions that you should ask when fitting. It is best to block a day only for fitting your wedding dress so that you don’t have a lot in mind and that you can choose properly. 

#3 Avoid Bringing a Lot of People to Your Fitting Appointment

It is tempting to bring all fo your friends when fitting your gown. We get it, you are excited but believe us, it will only make your decision making more difficult. Go with your best friend, sister-in-law, mother, or sister instead because they know you the best and they know exactly which is best suited for you. 

You can also bring your maid-of-honor or one of the bridesmaids when fitting your gown so that they will know how to bustle the dress and help you move around on your wedding day. 

#4 Stick to Your Budget

There is nothing more important than sticking to your budget when shopping for a wedding gown. There might be a lot of things that can convince you otherwise to go over your budget but we advise you to work on your budget instead. There are a lot of options that you can try and there are a lot of bridal shops that you can go and set fitting appointments with. 

Remember that your wedding gown is only a part of your whole wedding expenses and there might be other more important that you need to spend on. But if you have extra finances to spare, then go ahead and add a bit to your budget to get that wedding dress that you wanted the most. 

#5 Plan Ahead

When planning your wedding preparations, you should put your wedding dress shopping for at least 9 to 12 months in advance. The reason is that wedding dresses are not usually ready-to-wear because they need a lot of adjustments and repairs most especially if you have it custom made. Wedding gowns are made to order most of the time and it can take up to 4 to 6 months before it can be completed. 

Aside from the time it takes to finish the dress, you should also consider the peak seasons and time of your wedding because you might get delays. Make sure to plan and put extra time for alterations. Do not go for last-minute adjustments if you do not want to stress over your gown days before your wedding. 

#6 Try Out Sample Sales

There is nothing wrong with braving sample sales because it is one of the best ways for you to find the best budget-friendly designer dresses out there. Sample sales do happen at least two times a year so make sure to mark them in your calendar. You can spot a lot of best designer dresses from well-known designers during these sample sales. 

#7 Ask the Experts

Your coordinators and wedding planners can be your key to finding the best wedding gown in New Jersey. They have been in the industry for a long time and for sure they already know a lot of professional designers. Ask them for recommendations and contact numbers then visit their shops. You never know you might find what you are looking for in those lists. 


#8 Dress Up as if it’s Your Wedding Day When Fitting Gowns

It is easier to envision what design you want for your wedding gown if you fit it with the exact look that you are aiming for. Ask your stylist to doll you up on the day of your fitting appointment. That way you will see if the gown you wanted does fit your whole look and if not then you will know what adjustments are needed to be done to achieve your desired wedding day look. 

#9 Be Open-Minded

You might have your final pick with the dresses you found online but remember that it might look totally different in person. So, it is best to go open-minded when shopping for your wedding gown so you get disappointed and so that you can keep your focus on finding other options. Always expect the unexpected. 

There you have it, the best-kept secrets to finding the best wedding gown in New Jersey. Keep in mind these tips so you won’t have to go shopping without any idea where to go or what to find. It can help you save time and effort especially when you are in a hurry and do not have enough time to spare for fitting schedules.

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