8 Trendiest Wedding Themes for your Wedding Day

Bride and Groom

Once you start planning and organizing for your wedding, you have to consider a lot of things. You don’t know where to begin and what to prioritize. Should you go first to the venue? Decorations? Wedding dress style? There is one thing that can help you with visualizing what you would want for your wedding - and that is choosing your wedding theme! 

There are a lot of wedding themes you can choose from. Each theme is unique which makes it more difficult to decide on which you should choose as your wedding theme. Once you have a wedding theme, it will be easy for you to decide on what venue, decorations, and wedding dress styles to follow. 

Below are a few themes that can help you in envisioning your plans for your wedding.



#1 Romantic Wedding Theme

The classic wedding theme of all time where every guest invited to the wedding can feel the romance shared by the newly-wedded couple. The bride can go for a feminine look wearing a flowy style of wedding dress for this kind of theme. Floral arrangements for venue decorations are very helpful in exuding the vibe of a romantic theme wedding.

#2 Vintage Wedding Theme

Vintage wedding themes are also a theme that gives off a romantic feeling to the guests. You can look from past decades for inspiration for this kind of wedding theme. For the venue of your wedding ceremony and reception, antique decors and lace-patterned draperies are the must-haves. 

Weathered wooden furniture can also be used to amplify the vintage wedding theme. Most brides who chose this kind of wedding theme wear a wedding dress style with lace as embellishments for an old-fashioned look.

#3 Retro Wedding Theme

Want to go back to the most popular era of all time - the ’80s and ’90s? Then the retro wedding theme should be your first choice. Retro wedding themes are a fun way to utilize colorful decorations and fabrics for your wedding venue, decorations, and wedding dress style. Your guests can be creative and dress-up in styles similar to the famous artists in the 1990’s - Madonna and Mariah Carey. 

#4 Rustic Wedding Theme

Another theme loved by engaged couples is the rustic wedding theme. Couples can use their backyard or farm and adorn it with country-style decorations. You can DIY your planning if you want to have this kind of wedding theme. If you have barns, you can utilize it and attach chandeliers and white lace backdrop for a wedding look. 

You can also be creative with your wedding dress and go away with the traditional wedding style. You along with your guests can wear cowboy boots and hats to go with the rustic and farm vibe.


#5 Tropical Wedding Theme

If you envision an outdoor wedding venue for your wedding day, you can go with the tropical wedding theme. You can make use of the plants around you for decorations. Plants with huge leaves and neon-colored flowers are ideal for this wedding theme. You can go with light fabrics for your wedding dress to make a summer and bright feeling on your wedding day. 

#6 Beach Wedding Theme

Couples who love to travel opt to have a beach wedding theme. Similar to the tropical wedding theme, beach wedding themes are ideal for those who love outdoor wedding venues. You can be minimalist in the kind of wedding theme, as the beauty of the beautiful sea and white sand is enough for a perfect wedding look. 

Arcs with minimal flower decorations are used in this wedding theme. To match the theme, you can wear a flowy wedding dress with a flower crown as an accessory for your look. 


#7 Whimsical Wedding Theme

Are you a fan of Alice and Wonderland? A whimsical wedding theme is best suited for your wedding. Decorate your venue with a splash of multiple bright-colored balloons and unique floral arrangements. Mismatched table set-up can also add to the aesthetics of your wedding day. Choose a quirky wedding dress style to complement your wedding theme.

#8 Modern Wedding Theme

The modern wedding theme is the most common theme for the millennial generation. Minimalistic design is ideal for this with clean lines and geometric shapes. The use of bold color palettes will help you achieve a modern and sleek look.

Most weddings with this kind of theme choose halls in high-rise buildings as their wedding venue to have an overlooking look of the modernized and developed city.

Whatever wedding theme you choose, you are encouraged to put a twist on the elements you want to include in your wedding. It would be nice to be able to create a unique wedding. With this, you and your guests will enjoy creating wonderful memories of the most memorable and significant day of your life. 

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