8 Things to Expect on Weddings With Social Distancing

8 Things to Expect on Weddings With Social Distancing

The fast-spread of COVID-19 has brought a new normal to the day-to-day life of every individual, and of course, weddings are not exempted. Even to this magical day of every couple, social distancing must be practiced to avoid the further spread of the virus that may cause further inconvenience when not observed properly. 

No one knows what the future holds and until when this kind of set up must be practiced. Weddings for sure will be drastically different for the time being as vaccines and possible treatments are still on the work. Some states have announced its reopening of wedding venues across the nation with a strict protocol that includes no dancing, no mingling, six feet distancing between tables, and of course social distancing at all times. 

Such guidelines are put in place to prioritize the safety of everyone in the venue and to be able to push through with the ceremony without any worries. Remember that the true essence of a wedding is for couples to make a commitment to one another and to celebrate love. In that case, how will a socially distant wedding be like? We listed the things that couples can expect at weddings with social distancing.

#1 Virtual Celebrations

Since the number of guests allowed in the venue is limited, virtual celebrations will probably be the number one option for friends and loved ones to celebrate with the newly married couple. Rather than miss the ceremony totally, they can organize online celebrations and watch the couple enjoy their magical day together. You can also ask your wedding organizer to plan a virtual screening for your guests who cannot be with you on the day of the wedding. That way, the couples can still have all their loved ones witness their wedding in real-time. 

#2 Open Venues

The number one concern about weddings with social distancing is on how to minimize the physical contact of the guests with each other. Outdoor venues will be the best option for this. With social distancing measures in place, it is safe to choose a venue with a bigger space where guests can spread out and do social distancing easily. As more couples are expected to opt for outdoor weddings, organizers and planners will gear up for beach and garden wedding requests, so ask your coordinator to adjust your wedding plans as early as now. 

#3 More Intimacy

Different states have put regulations on the maximum number of guests allowed at weddings which means there will be fewer guests to celebrate with you. But, this is not totally a sad thing because with few guests means you can have more intimacy with only your family, loved ones, and closest friends around. 

Narrow down your list carefully and make sure that you do not miss a single person who you want to be with you right on the venue and witness you say “I do” to the man of your dreams. Venues will also be more accommodating for fewer guests to stick to the protocols set by the government. 

#4 Health Precautions Like Masks and Sanitation

Forget elegance and style because health is the number one priority above all else. Aside from social distancing, it is expected for weddings during this pandemic to have precautionary measures in place to avoid further spread of the virus. 

Guests will be wearing masks from the ceremony to the venue and some might even wear face shields as double protection. Sanitizers and alcohols will be all over the place to keep everyone clean and safe throughout the celebration. Remember that it is always better to be safe than sorry.  

#5 A New Normal Seating Arrangements

Gone are the days where you can see tables packed in a single room to fit all guests coming for the wedding. The social distancing guidelines strictly imposed that tables must be at least six-feet apart from each other with no more than 10 guests seated together. 

To ensure that this is met, venues and wedding planners are using all their creativity to re-arrange seats without making the venue look empty but still in compliance with the social distancing rules. One pro tip to do this is to consider changing rows of benches for smaller clusters of chairs surrounding the altar. This can help promote social distancing and keep the guests far from each other.

#6 Shorter Parties

Gone are the days when wedding parties can last until midnight. With the social distancing rules in place, celebrations may be a little bit shorter than usual to avoid more physical contact amongst the guests. No crowded dancefloors, no afterparties, and no small gatherings after the wedding. 

Guests might just go home right after the dinner and a short program. But, the positive part of this is that the couples can put their energy into other aspects and enjoy some more alone time with each other as a newly married couple. 

#7 Multiple Celebrations

Another trend that will likely be a hit in weddings with social distancing is the multiple wedding celebrations. Since only a few numbers of guests can go their special day, couples are considering to have a civil ceremony followed by a traditional reception on a later date when everything is back to normal. Other couples are also willing to opt for getting married by law now and save the party later when it is already possible. 

#8 Well-studied Food Presentations and Precautions

With the easy spread of the virus, caterers will have to reconsider the food presentations and precautions to follow the social distancing rules. However, couples do not have to sacrifice their ideal menu to meet the safety guidelines for social distancing and health precautions. 

You can still serve a lot of foods as long as there are safeguards to follow on how the food and container are passed from one person to another. That way, guests can still enjoy a scrumptious meal while enjoying your intimate wedding celebration. 

If you are planning to get married during the social distancing era, make sure that you coordinate with your wedding planner to make sure that all rules are followed. Also, be more creative on the details of your wedding without sacrificing the intimacy and health precautions for your guests.

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