7 Useful Tips You Can Use To Downsize Your Wedding Guest List

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Starting to plan for your wedding is the most awaited moment of every engaged woman. They can finally begin their journey towards their married life and slowly make their dreams into reality. You have to think over a lot of aspects - your bridal theme, venue, decorations, and your prized wedding dress. 

This part of planning can be enjoyable as you have the freedom to be creative. Aside from these, there is one thing every couple should remember - creating their wedding guest list. Nowadays, a lot of couples are facing a big dilemma of making their wedding guest list because of the pandemic. 

The number of people to be invited are limited, thus, the need to downsize the guest list. To help you in cutting the number of guest lists, below are a few useful tips that can help you.


#1 Draft a List of Who You Want to Invite

Before you decide on the final list of people to be invited on your wedding day, you need to make a draft of the list to cross-examine if the person you listed should be part of the final list. You need to sit down with your partner and talk on who to invite starting from your family down to your closest friends.

#2 Divide the Numbers

If you and your partner want an equal number of special people on both sides to be invited to your wedding, you can divide. 50 percent will be people important for the bride, and 50 percent for the groom.

#3 Invite Significant People

It may be difficult to point out significant people in your life as there can be many but you need to choose the important people in your life who can help you and your partner’s life as a married couple. Invite those who will play a vital role in your future life together. After all, a wedding is a celebration of things that has yet to come in your life. 

#4 Know on Who to Cut from the List

This is the difficult part in downsizing your guest-list - cutting off people in the final guest list. You will have to weigh carefully on your decisions and think about why you should cut the person you are supposed to invite to your wedding. However, here are a few things that will help you to know who to cut off.

1. Neighbors

It is not necessary to invite your neighbors who live next to you on your wedding day, especially that you have a limited number of guests. If you have a really close relationship with your neighbors,  you can just schedule a day to have a post-wedding celebration with them. It can be a small dinner or lunch in your own backyard.

2. Family members you haven't seen for years

Since it is your wedding and not a family reunion, do not feel obligated to invite family members who you haven't seen or communicated for years. Just stick on inviting the immediate family members to your wedding.

3. Missing-in-action friends

Cut off from your list the names of your friends who have been apart from you for a long time. Weddings are a good way to gather your friends and rectify your friendship, however, it will still be difficult to mingle with them as you will be busy interacting with your other guests on your wedding day.


#5 Strictly no Plus-ones!

Some of your guests, especially your friends, may bring a partner to your wedding. In that case, it will add-up to your limited number of guests. Draw the line on who is allowed to bring plus-one on your wedding ceremony. 

There are other couples who follow the “no ring, no bring” rule. Not unless they are in a serious relationship like dating, living together, engaged, or married, then they are allowed to have a plus-one privilege on your guest list.

#6 Are Kids Allowed?

The easiest way to cut your guest list is to invite adults only. With the situation today, it is also safe to let the kids stay at home rather than bringing them to a gathering. Kids might be very adorable but once they start crying hysterically on the course of your wedding, then you might have to deal with that. It is also one way to give your parent-friends a night free from kids and party.

#7 Ask Yourself Questions

If you are still having a difficult time downsizing your wedding guest list. Here are a few questions  you can ask yourself that might help you in deciding who to invite to your wedding.

  1. Do I know this person personally? Have I met him or her?
  2. Am I comfortable being around with this person?
  3. When was the last time we have seen each other?
  4. What connection or relationship do I have with this person? Do we have a close relationship or not?
  5. Is this person a positive  influence in me and my partner’s life? Is he or she significant for us?

Making your guest list is a very dreadful task. In addition, downsizing the number of your guests contributes to the stress in planning for your wedding. It is difficult to decide on who to invite and to cut on your list, especially for those engaged couples who have a  number of social connections. 

If an instance comes that you will need to downsize your wedding guest list, you can use the tips stated above to help you. You just need to communicate effectively and efficiently to the people on why you had come to that decision.

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