6 Tips on What to Do While Waiting a Countdown To Your Wedding Day

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Being able to marry and celebrate a memorable wedding day has always been one of every woman's dreams. Since you were a little girl, you have envisioned yourself wearing a long white wedding dress while walking on an aisle full of flower petals. Isn't it a very wonderful moment to happen? 

This became possible as you received the symbolic ring of engagement. A sign that you are finally on your journey to a life together with your significant other. Planning and organizing your wedding has become one of the most important activities of your life. 

You have probably thought about your wedding venue, decorations, theme, wedding dress, and many more. This can be very stressful at times that you couldn't wait for your wedding day to come as soon as possible. But don't fret! Here are a few activities (and reminders) as you countdown to your wedding day.


#1 Don't Count the Days

We all know that you are very excited for your wedding day to come. Who wouldn't be? However, the more you are conscious of the days, the more it feels longer to come. It is better to stop counting the days until your wedding day and let yourself freely and unconsciously wait for it. You'll be surprised the next day, it's your wedding day already.


#2 Organize Lots (and lots) of Activities

To make your "countdown" to your wedding day fun, organize different activities that you can do with your friends, family, and with your significant other. This is a very good idea for creating good and memorable memories with the special people in your life as you wait for your wedding day to come.

Bridal Shower

Calling all the bride's best friends and close friends! It's your time to give your beautiful friend the bridal shower she deserves. Look for a good room or small hall where you can dance and sing all night. Prepare games and prizes for you to be active on the night where you celebrate the last few days (or months) of the bride-to-be's single life. 

Family Lunch

Family lunch is one important activity you should not forget to do days before your wedding day. Gather all your immediate family on both sides. Prepare a sumptuous meal that everyone can share. This is a perfect time where you can have deep talks with the elders and ask for advice that you can use in your journey as a married couple in the future.

#3 Pre Nuptial Shoot

Document your wedding day countdown by doing a pre-nuptial shoot. New Jersey has a lot of professional photographers (and videographers too) that you can choose from. You can check portfolios and choose which styles suit your preference. Shoot unique thematic pre-nuptial photos and videos with your significant other. 

You can also use the photos you shot as a teaser for your upcoming wedding. Upload it on your social media accounts and update your social media connections with the latest happenings in your life. 


#4 Document Everything

To keep the good memories and events that happened as you count the days to your wedding day, don't forget to take photos and shoot short video clips. Compile this in a compact disk or a flash drive for safer and easier access. Documenting everything is a good idea if you want to look back on the things that you did as you were preparing for your wedding. 

#5 A Grace Period is a Must

This part is for the organizing and planning area for your wedding day. Set realistic deadlines on the things that are needed for your wedding day. Create a checklist for you to be guided on the things you need to accomplish. Set dates so that you will be encouraged to deliver it on or before the deadline. 

Allow allocating a few days of grace period for your deadlines. This is for instances where you can't meet your deadlines because of emergencies. It will be easy for you to adjust your plans and schedule if you set a grace period.


#6 Don't Forget to Enjoy and Have Fun

Stress comes along with planning and organizing. You feel frustrated to accomplish the things you planned to create your dream wedding. Even though things get too hectic, don't forget to enjoy and have fun. Enjoy the process of organizing and acquiring the things needed for your wedding day and have fun in between. Give yourself time to take a break and relax. 

Counting down the days for your wedding day can be overwhelming and frustrating. When will the day come? How many days till my wedding day? What should I do? A lot of things come to your mind. Just remember to enjoy and appreciate every single day that you have and create more significant memories with the important people in your life while waiting for your wedding day. 

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