5 Essential Tips On How to Create a Starry Starry Night Theme for your Wedding Day

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How dreamy would it be to get married under the twinkling lights of the stars? Celestial or Starry Starry Night wedding themes have become a trend these days for engaged couples. Creating an atmosphere and visuals that is similar to the cosmic and galactic feels can be taxing but it is satisfying once you see your guests enjoy your unique wedding theme. Below are some ways that you can apply in creating a starry starry night theme for your wedding day.



#1 The Color Pallete

Deciding on the color palette for your wedding can help you to be guided on how you will go about with your decorations and the overall theme you have chosen. For a starry starry night theme, you can revolve around the colors of black, dark blue, gold, and silver. These colors can help you imitate the celestial vibes you want your guests to see at your wedding. 

#2 The Wedding Venue

It is easy to choose a venue for this kind of wedding theme. You can research around your locality for the venue that meets your expectations and budget. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor wedding venue, starry starry night theme is best suited for both. You just need to decorate it with ornamentations that can help you attain a celestial or galactic look.

Indoor Wedding Venue

If you are into indoor wedding venues, you can use halls in your favorite hotels or restaurants for this theme. If you have a large number of guests, then you will need to rent a bigger space for them. It will be challenging as you need to double or triple your decoration to satisfy the visual needs of your wedding theme. 

Outdoor Wedding Venue

Outdoor wedding venues are for those couples who want to veer away to the traditional closed halls and want something that is breathable and unique. There are a lot of parks, golf course, and beaches you can rent in New Jersey for your starry starry night theme. 

For public spaces, it can be quite challenging since you will have to use it at night time which will probably need a special permit depending on the regulations the place is imposing.


#3 The Decorations

Having a dark environment that is lit up by a few lights is the key in achieving a celestial look. It also helps in giving a romantic and intimate feel to your guests.For this kind of theme, it is best executed at night time where it is dark and only the bulb lights are your source of light. Focus more on lights and have a minimalist flower arrangement.  

For indoors, make use of fairy lights and lanterns. Have them arranged like drop lights to mimic falling stars. You can also use white drapes on the ceiling to help you in reflecting the light, making the venue a bit brighter. 

For outdoors, you have the moon and the stars as your natural source of light. The fairy lights can be styled like curtains hanging in the poles to look like stars. Prepare hanging decorations with celestial designs to add to the visuals of your venue. 

Candles are also very useful in this kind of theme. Put it as part of your table set-up to help in illuminating the flower arrangements and cutleries you prepared for your guests. Use lanterns to highlight the important spots of your wedding.

#4 The Look

The way you look is very important for this kind of theme. You have to choose a wedding dress style that complements your body shape. For a starry night theme, many brides choose an A-line style wedding dress with a flowy skirt. 

The wedding dress is adorned with sparkling beads and sequins patterns - once hit with light, it will shimmer just like the twinkling stars. Make use of accessories for this kind of wedding theme. You can wear hair accessories such as pins, crowns, and headbands with mini celestial designs. Choose accessories that complement well with your color palette such as gold and silver. For your make-up, make use of glitters and highlights and put on the key parts of your body such as your collar bones and  your cheekbones.

For the groom, they can go away with the traditional white-colored wedding outfit and go with all- black ternos or suits. You can style your look with minimalist jewelry such as gold or silver plated necklace and bracelets.



The Extras

For a more fun and festive celebration, you can add a few activities that are in line with your wedding venue. You can put up different activities inside your venue for your guests to enjoy. You can have zodiac sign readings, face-painting stations for your young guests, and other celestial-themed activities. 

The starry starry night or celestial wedding theme has been one of the trendiest wedding themes these days to engaged couples. A lot of couples put their interest in this wedding theme because it is modern and unique which is very different from the usual wedding themes. 

To help you successfully achieve this kind of wedding theme, you can use the suggestions mentioned above. Sparkle and shine on your wedding day and create beautiful memories under the bright moon and twinkling stars.

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