4 Essential Jewelry To Wear On Your Wedding Day

4 Essential Jewelry To Wear On Your Wedding Day

It has always been every bride's dream to look the best version of herself on her wedding day. Since you were little, you have probably envisioned what wedding dress style, hairstyle, and make-up style to wear so that you will look perfect. 

To add to this, it would be best to use jewelry as accessories to add to your wedding look. Below are a few accessory ideas that you can use to look ultimately beautiful and elegant on your most special day.

When choosing the jewelry to wear on your wedding day, an important element to consider is the style of your wedding dress. The style of your jewelry should complement the wedding dress that you will wear to achieve the look that you envision.

#1 Necklace

If the chest area of your wedding dress’ neckline is open and bare, a necklace can give life to your look. Necklaces are always a staple accessory for every woman. It can solve a boring look by just putting one on. For wedding dresses with a tube, off the shoulder, plunging neckline style, use a necklace adorned with diamond for an elegant look. You can also pair it with a dainty pendant for a more feminine look. If you want to veer away from the traditional necklace style and make a statement, wear a crystal choker.

Pro fashion style tip: For a classy look, you can never go wrong with a necklace made of pearls. This kind of necklace style gives a vintage look, teleporting you back to the late '60s to '70s. 

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#2 Earrings

Earrings can also elevate a boring wedding look. Deciding on what earring style to wear should complement the wedding hairstyle you are planning to wear. If you plan to have your hair down, you can opt to have simple stud earrings. 

Earring made of diamonds and other gems is the best choice for stud earrings. For hair up hairstyle, dangling or hanging earrings are suggested for this one. Make use of the opportunity the hairstyle has given to you to make your wedding accessory more visible.

Pro fashion style tip: You can also choose your earrings based on the wedding dress neckline and style. If your wedding dress has intricate beading patterns, it would be better to tone down on your earrings and choose the timeless diamond and pearl stud. On the contrary, if your dress has a minimalist design, you can go for the decadent chandelier earrings.

#3 Bracelets

Many brides may forget this but you can wear a bracelet as an accessory to your wedding look. Bracelets are not suggested for long-sleeved wedding styles as it hinders the supposed purpose of putting on the jewelry. However, common wedding dress styles are sleeveless which makes a bracelet a better choice to boost your look. For a sophisticated look, you can choose a simple yet sleek bangle bracelet. 


Pro fashion style tip: Always wear your bracelet on the right hand to avoid distraction from your prized wedding ring. You wouldn’t want the bracelet to get the spotlight from the most important jewelry of the occasion. 

#4 Hair Accessories

Hair accessories can help in accessorizing your wedding day look. You need to consider the hairstyle that you are wearing to choose the perfect hair accessory to wear on your hair. For a classy look, you can wear a small tiara adorned with small diamond studs. 

A barrette clip with an intricate design is a piece of perfect jewelry to add to a hair-up hairstyle. Headbands made of golden metals and adorned with gems are perfect for a hair-down and flowy hairstyle.

Pro fashion style tip: If you want to have a unique look, use diamond studs attached in slim hairpins and adorn it all over your hair. This can help you achieve a more dreamy and fairytale-ish wedding look.



Choosing jewelry as an accessory for your wedding look can be quite tricky. You need to consider a lot of things to make sure that the jewelry you choose complements the style that you are wearing - may it be on the wedding dress and hairstyle (and even on the wedding theme!

Jewelry can ensure that it can help you in elevating your look and achieve your goal of looking at the best version of yourself as you exchange your wedding vows with the love of your life. Your wedding jewelry can also be a good investment that you can treasure and keep for future purposes.

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