10 Classic Wedding Photos Every Couples Should Have

Bride and Groom Kissing

Your wedding photography will be the foremost cherished parts of your wedding, other than the memories. So choosing an extraordinary selection of wedding day photographs for your album is super important. To assist you to get a jump start on narrowing down thousands of wedding day pictures, we put together this mind-boggling list of 10 classic wedding photographs each couple ought to have. From conventional to fun and everything in between, we know you will cherish these imaginative photographs.

The first part of capturing astonishing wedding photos is to select the right wedding photographer. Amid your wedding planning, you also need to meet a few photographers for you to eventually discover one that matches your personality. Below are the few important things to consider when looking for a photographer.

  1. Check their portfolio to make sure you like their outputs and style.
  2. Read some reviews about them.
  3. Meet them in person and talk to them to make sure your personality match with them.

The skill level of your photographer is not the only thing to consider when getting one. Making you feel comfortable,  allows you to showcase your unique personality, makes you feel relaxed and enjoy are the things to take into account. Capturing feelings, unique moments and experiences are what will make your wedding album into something that you will cherish forever.

Now that you have found a perfect wedding photographer that you are comfortable and excited about, it is time to make a list of your “must-have” wedding photos. What does this 

implies? Well, some couples prefer that some photos of the reception set up before the guests arrive, getting ready photos, wedding signage photos, bridal portraits, etc.

A List of a Must Have Photos Should Be Included In The Wedding Planning

The story of how you meet and become lovers is unique to just the two of you and so your wedding album should be unique as well. Think of it when a photographer produces a cookie-cutter photos with every pictures appearing to be the same pose or location, just with different people. That part is a dead end and doesn’t showcase your love story. Your wedding photographer should capture the real you being yourself. If that means trashing off your wedding gown, wearing converse tennis shoes under your gown, or jumping into the water with your tux and wedding dress on – just do you! And if your photographer won’t or can’t do that, they are not right for you.

Hiring a wedding photographer can be expensive. So you want to make sure that you hire a good photographer that will capture your love story and on how you want it to be. We suggest you provide them the list that you want in your wedding photos.

The Bridal Bouquet

Flowers are something that makes someone feel special. That is why designing your whole wedding theme and decor depends on the types of flowers that you will use. These flowers sets the mood in your wedding day. They are a small details that makes a greater impact in the wedding venue.

Striking for a better pose is a must when you have these beautiful floral arrangements and bridal bouquet. Let your photographer capture that moment that shows the real you. Photographers of 2021 are proving to be creative if you allow them to be, they will come up with some great ideas.

The Bridal Party

The bridal party can’t be completed without your support systems, your best girls and best guys. This is a must for 2021 wedding album. Make sure to mix up your wedding album by having the traditional bridal party pose as well as some fun ones. Showing real emotions, excitement, and fun at your pictures will help you remember how you felt on your wedding day. Don’t forget to laugh, smile, run, and jump. Show them the best wacky pose.

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The Groom

Don’t forget the groom, most of the attention during wedding is focused on the bride, it is his day too! Inform your photographer on what you want, some portrait-style photos or some perfect close-up of your groom. Taking photos during preparation is also perfect for him. Weddings are about telling stories, and part of that are capturing the little details.

The First Look

This is the trend that has been observed in the wedding industry for several years, the first look. While some couple don’t want to capture this moment, it can create a beautiful photos. First look must be in your list.

The Venue and Reception

For most couples, wedding venue is something that is special to them. Let your photographer capture a landscape or an aerial view of your ceremony. This will help you recall the lovely setting, feeling, beauty and ambiance for years.

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Candid Moments

Most of the couples love this type of photo. Candid moments are photos where you are simply just being the real you. It is that intimate moment alone, or maybe just that special first dance as a couple. These are perfectly incredible photos that you will cherish for life.

The Wedding Exit

Your biggest day has ended and it is time to go, you should do it in style. Make that wedding exit as a memorable moment in your wedding day. Popular trends in 2021 weddings are to plan an extraordinary exits or send-offs.  Some great ideas are sparkler exits, confetti exits, boat exits, antique car exits, and many more. These exits can create some Insta-worthy pictures that we’re sure you will love.

The Place Setting

Wedding table setting is the perfect one among others. Everything is properly placed, the colors, florals and greenery, you can see the details of it in front of you. Not to mention the lighting that sets the mood and enhance the table setting and the whole place. What could be more perfect than that? Make sure your photographer knows how important this photos together with the best moments and must be captured.

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Down The Aisle and At The Altar

Wedding Ceremonies are emotional experiences filled with love, excitement and sometimes tears. Ask your photographer to capture photos of the groom when he sees his bride walking down the aisle for the first time, and also capture the bride as she walks the aisle. Make sure to also ask your photographer to capture the best moment as the two of you walk down the aisle hand-in-hand. These photos should be included in your wedding album.

The First Kiss

Let’s save the best for last. This is a must photo for every couple. Your first kiss will forever be one of the most cherished moments in your lifetime. That is why it should be photograph and preserve that lovely memory. Another great suggestion is to capture that last kiss. Also during epic wedding exit. It is the perfect ending of your wedding day and the beginning of your life as husband and wife.

Your love story is yours and only you know how to express it, but with the right photographer, it can be documented on film and can come to life each time you flip your wedding album.

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